Monday, December 29, 2014


Hello Everyone! 

Well family, that was the best skype that has happened! I was so impressed that we had so much to talk about and well I just loved talking to y'all :) It was needed. 

We had a great Christmas! We woke up and made french toast and ate it! then studied all about how the Savior came into the world and sang Christmas songs. Then we went and skyped and enjoyed the presence of family for a time. Then we went and partied with our zone! I didn't get pictures I don't know why, well actually what we did was watch Work and The Glory 2, and 17 Miracles. We all of a sudden didn't feel so bad being away from our families when people who crossed the planes had frozen feet and were starving to death. After watching those movies we went and ate dinner with a Polynesian family and it was great! Then we went caroling! That was so much fun. We drove around and sang everywhere listening to Handles Messiah music learning how to direct with Two hands/one hand for the driver. And we saw Christmas lights and it really was a great day of my life! I opened Christmas presents and well I didn't actually take many pictures that day which now that I think about it is so unfortunate but know it was a great day! 

So next miracle story! We have been meeting with a guy who said that he didn't believe in God and didn't want to talk with us (but he did and he let us come back) now he is at the point where he is bowing his head for the prayer and stopping himself from swearing in our presence and he came to the church bldg not the services but he is reading the Book of Mormon and really it is the coolest thing of my life! I am so excited! He may or may not be quitting drinking and experiancing flu like withdrawl symptoms. We keep praying for him and I just know that he will come to know this is true. The small simple things in life is what makes the biggest difference!

Love you all!

Happy New Year!

Sister Pendleton


Breakfast in new apt with no plates :)
A great present! 
Christmas tree the night before!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Pictures worth 1000 words so don't ask for more please :)

 Busy week this week umm well here are pictures and I love you all!
Merry Christmas! 

Sister Pendleton 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Update of the Week!

Well I don't really know what to tell you all, except that we have continued to keep busy. Well here is a funny story! 
So we were out contacting people and we talked with these two asian people. Well it was a friday night and they were totally drunk. It was kinda rediculous actually but we one wasn't as much. Well while we were talking with them it started to rain. The more petite man was freaking out about it and tried to rush us back to the car. When we said that we were okay he ran in and got us an umbrella. It was so funny. Then the not so drunk man told us to wait a minute because he wanted to help us in our endevor of spreading peace. So while we are waiting the drunk man keeps pushing us together so taht way we are both under the umbrella, well Sister correa was holding it and so everytime he pushed us together it would hit my head and then the rain that was on the umbrella would just roll onto the top of my head. It was hilarious. I was laughing Sister correa was freaking out because she was getting touched and the man was so unhappy because we were getting wet. It was all very amusing. The nice thing about it all was that we were able to find new people to teach. Not those two, but others. It was a great day. 

Miracles occur as we do our best I know.

What stories do you have for me?

Love you all

Sister Pendleton

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First week of Transfers...

Last week has been so crazy! I cannot even tell you how crazy  it has been. My companions are great but not really doing so well physically. My companion Sister Shipman has been having a really bad headache and shakiness for the past several weeks and so she is going to go home tomorrow. Then it will just be me and Sister Correa. I am sad that Sister Shipman is leaving. She is from Arkansas and is such a cute girl. We went to the Newport temple today. It was the best thing of my life! I love that temple. It is so beautiful. I took a lot of pictures. Also this past week there was a baptism in my other ward in Cerritos. A part member families children got baptized and I was a ble to go back and see my lovely members from that ward. I missed it so badly! I love the area so much!
Since my companion was sick the past week we weren't able to get out much so I don't know many members or investigators or the type of people that we are living around. I was really sad about that. But from the people taht I have met they are all really nice. I love them so far! So hopefully we will be able to be out and about more this week although since it is full of meetings and christmas devotional things it may be crazy.
I don't really have many stories other than what I have told you. Although I am totally seeing that persistance pays off. My first transfer in Cerritos we started working with the part member family the Castros and they wouldn't really let me in, but by the end I was in and we started to teach them. Then the next two were still gradually easing our way into their lives. Now look at where they are. 3 of the 4 children are baptized. They love the gospel and love having the missionaries around. God is hastening his work. We just have to be persistant. Also I saw sister Anderson and this part member family that I have been trying to get into their house the last 5 transfers are now letting them teach them this past week. And the investigator we had who thought he was a son of perdition now doesn't believe that and is hopefully going to be baptized in a week. I am so excited. God really is preparing hearts. I love it! I am grateful for my mission!
Love you all! here are some pictures of me and the family that was baptized and my comps at the newport temple.
Sister Pendleton

Monday, December 1, 2014


So the long awaited day to find out if I stay a whole year in pickering comes to an end. I leave tomorrow and go to the Huntington Beach area in the Beach ward. It works out really well! I am excited. Although I am so sad to leave all these people! I was looking around at the ward and there were so many people who weren't there that I wanted to say goodbye too but it has been the best time of my life really! Here there have been so many different things that have been so inspired. Just on Saturday there was a situation that I was able to share with someone and just feel the Love that God had for her and the spirit was so strong and she was able to change. She was able to come closer to God and it was just amazing! I was so grateful for that experience. I can't even tell you how many times I have wondered if I was doing what God wanted me to do or if I was just doing what I wanted to do. But This past week God has really helped me to see things through His eyes and helped me to recognize His had so much more than I have realized. I am going to miss so many of the people here. They are my family! Good thing this isn't the end because that would be tragic@
So Thanksgiving was so good. We spent it with people we loved and they loved us and we didn't have to eat everywhere we went so we didn't have to be so stuffed which is so great. It made the day so much better. Sister Anderson is really struggling right now with her knee. We ran up a mountain at the beginning of the transfer (yes it was my idea, but not the best I have ever had) and it has hurt ever since. It has been so crazy! Anyways...have some pictures of some people I love! Hope you are seeing just as many miracles as I am!
Love Sister Pendleton
ME and The Schachers and then with the silly faces of arciniegas and Sister Balke is a replica of Mom! not in looks but in who she is!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Great Week of Thanksgiving!

So I have come to realize that I think I write you so much each week but in all reality I don't do I??? Someone needs to respond back so that way I know if I need to extend my emails at all or not. I haven't heard any complaints so I guess I will continue to write as I usually do.
So my life is very interesting. We have found a man that believes that he is a son fo perdition. That was so unexpected when he said that. Really our member was trying not to laugh out right when he told us this. It was so sad. I can't even believ that he thinks he is such a bad person. well we know he isn't because he has come closer to God throughout his life time and really becoming a son of perdition is quite hard from our understanding. Even Lamen and Lemuel aren't sons of Perdition are they? I just read in Jacob about a man who might have been. But I really don't know. He won't believe us but He knows that the Book of Mormon is True and that Joseph Smith Saw what He saw and has known for most of his life but won't commit to anything because he doesn't feel worthy and truely believs that he committed this sin. I can't even believe that saten has such grasp of his heart to believe that he isn't worthy of forgiveness. He came to church and is such a nice guy. He knows a lot. He quotes scriptures to us all the time. I am so impressed with his knowledge. He tithes and talks about the blessings that comes from it. I think that if we can help him see that if the restored gospel is here on the earth then he couldn't be a son of perdition because He hasn't experianced the Gift of the Holy Ghost and he doesn't have the Priesthood and all these other things. Also that God won't reveal any further truth to those who are sons of perdition because they already knew it all. Very interesting. Just another way that saten works.
Yesterday we went on splits and We met with Lori and went over the baptismal questions. She is so solid. She believes the things that wehave taught her and she loves church and she totally is dedicated. She is working on quitting smoking and once she has that down she will be baptized. Kathryn is so dedicated. Her sister is trying to dissuade her belief in the Book of Mormon but she holds true and she won't let her son go to a different church because she knows ours is true. She has come such a long way. It is so cool to see how the gospel changes our lives. This upcoming week we are going to tryout to sing at the departure fireside "O Holy Night". I am so nervous and excited. If we get to play then it will be infront of 200+ people and it will be amazing but I shake and I am playing the guitar as well. I need prayers for that if you would like to pray for me :) We have gone around the ward and took a lot of pictures. I love this place with all my heart. This upcoming week is transfers and we will find out if I am staying. If so it will be a whole year in one area. The ward might be sick of me....It is actually funny because with the way that the next transfer is falling I might stay. It is a 50-50 thing. It is really funny. There are 11 new sisters coming and like 7 or more sisters leaving. So it will double the amout of sisters coming in and they need trainers and yeah, it is so interesting! Anyways. Hope all of you enjoy Thanksgiving! I love you all :)
Sister Pendleton

Monday, November 17, 2014

What's New????

So I am here to tell you all about what is new in my life. What California is like and everything. well Let me tell you that the weather is only 65-75 degrees and pretty much I need a sweater. I am rediculously acclimated and it is pathetic about how cold I get. I am pretty shocked at my self but you know whatever. I will just come home in April and be grateful that we are going into summer before another winter occurs. But I do have to say it is nice that it is cooling down and that it is reminding me of winter. I like to pretend especially since Thanksgiving is next week. I am so excited. We get to go to some of my most favorite places that day. Our investigators who are coming to church want us to come spend some time at their houses and it is just so exciting.
So this past week we have been working so hard. And I wanted to tell you about this guy that we have been doing service for for the past year. Sister Folsom is someone who continued to keep doing service and she was truly inspired of God. Louis is his name and he has kinda wanted to learn more about what we believe because he loves the Mormon people so much but hasn't ever really understood the doctrine. I gave up trying to teach him because it always ended badly. Well he approached us last week and wanted us to teach him. We taught him yesterday and I have to say that it was such a privilege to teach him. He has a lot of questions and I don't know that he will ever accept the message but there was a spirit about teaching him yesterday that I have never felt with him before. It was as though walls had come down and he wanted to know. It was the coolest experience that I am going to treasure. It was so cool to see God soften someones heart that much. God is in the details that is for sure.
Other than that not much has really happened. It was Sister Andersons birthday and that was a lot of fun. We had great members help us out in making it so great!
Well what was your miracle this past week?
Love y'all
Sister Pendleton

Monday, November 10, 2014

All in God's hand

Okay so this week has been a great week of miracles that I can't even think of how to express. First off we had 6 investigators at church which increased our congregation by about 15% which is crazy but so exciting. They all have baptismal dates and are reading the Book of Mormon and are just excited to be at church. They are seeing a difference and it is intense. Last week with one of the investigators we fasted for work and this week she has gotten called in for work more. She is getting more work and we are seeing her prayers answer. She is reading and feeling the spirit. Our other investigator Kathryn finished the Book of Mormon and she is teaching her son Calvin who is 11 all about how the Book of Mormon has great strength to help them through anything and can get rid of demons from you. Her desires to smoke has pretty much gone away. She is developing talents and it is so great! Her sister Liza is now taking lessons and she came to church. She loved it but it was long is what she said. Her sister is encouraging though and wants her to love it just as much as she does. Rose is Liza's daughter and she is queitly sitting back and loving it all but doesn't want to admit that she loves it either. Then we had Gloria who we are meeting with and now she wants to be baptized and wants to see her prayers more answered but she is seeing the blessings of God. She want's the spirit with her so much more. Then we have been taking people out with us all hours of the day and God is just placing people all around us helping us and guiding us. He is even prompting members to come out with us! It is so great. I love the Lord. Our mission has changed its focus and we all pray at 630am and at 10 at night for miracles and we are just seeing them left and right. It is so wonderful! I love Him so much. I don't think that I have seen so much progression ever. 
I don't even know what miracle was the greatest this week but there were so many and I always feel a greater increase of Faith when I look back and see God's hand throughout the day. He loves us and keeps us safe and I love the prayers that you say for us. That is what keeps me going I know. 
Sister Anderson has had a rough week because she injured her knee all because I wanted to run up a mountain and well yeah. It was a little too much for her I guess. But it was fun to run up the mountain and I am so excited when I can do that again!!! 
Well here are some pictures I hope you enjoy them!
What miracles did you see in your life this week???
Sister Pendleton
Last picture was when it rained!!!!!!!!!!! We loved it! Our member actually caught us dancing and playing in it :) She thought it was funny.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Past Halloween

Well I have so much to tell everyone but by the time I get to emailing I always forget what to talk about. Just so you all know our investigators are amazing! I love them a lot. They are showing greater faith than I have ever seen. It inspires me. We have a ward who support us and help us out weekly. I have never been so happy before. Despite the ups and downs. I love this place. I am going to have to work a little harder in doing better and strengthening my faith.
So really my life is interesting. Our zone isn't very unified at all. It is aweful yet I love it. We are the only two sisters in the zone and it has 14 elders. Sometimes they forget that we are there and they are a little too boyish and then other times It is very interesting in the fact that the only reason that they are even kind to each other is because we are there. Me and my comp have noticed that we are like the glue that holds them together. They have been having a hard time with becoming number chasing people. I think that what it really comes down to is that they forget the reason why they come out to serve a mission. We record the number of lessons we teach we record the number of people we are teaching so we are accountable for our time and to the Lord and if we begin to struggle the people around us are better able to understand that we are struggling with the work and fix the wound before the infection spreads. I have watched as one Elder complained about how the numbers are not representing people at all and people only care about numbers to the point of division in our zone which was getting almost detrimental. As a result they are all struggling with finding people to teach which means they are not happpy all because one person was leading everyone astray. It reminds me of Amalakiah who lead so many people astray and caused a split. Me and my companion work hard and accomplish a lot and it is because we know that we are serving God and that these are people out there that need Him in their lives. That God wants us to teach multiple people. He has told us that the field is White already to harvest. That there is great work to be done. We just need to do it. I am seeing the power of just one person who can gain such followers who aren't following God causing a lack of faith and happiness. I have to stop and think of the times throughout my life that I have lead others astray and have to think about what I say. I don't wnat to be that person ever. I hope you all feel the same way.
Well that is it fore the day! Love you all! What are the miracles of the week??? Ours is that we were able to teach in a members home 2 times!!! It was the best thing ever!
SIster Pendleton

Monday, October 27, 2014


Hey Fam and Friends!
So yes I was able to receive a package and thank you for it. I am not mad that you used my favorite shirt. I am totally okay with it actually. I laughed really hard though when I found out that it was one of my favorite shirts though :) It was great. So I need prayers from you all please :) Thanks!
This past week has been a crazy good roller coaster of a week. We went on exchanges with 3 different sets of sisters and they are all so great! I love them so much. One was from the phillipines and she reminded me of the family that I taught in Cerritos. I miss them a lot.
Last night I had a dream that I was going on another mission but I was going to be missing another 2 Christmas's in a row and it meant another 3 years before seeing my family and friends...I was in a panic and said that I would have to decline the mission. I needed to see the family and be there. SO I don't know what that means but....yeah that is what I have to share.
Yesterday in church in Sunday School we had a member who was a friend of the investigator there and God knew that she needed to be there. We talked about tithing and Fast offerings. Our investigator is a single mom and she was trying to figure out how she was going to afford it whenn our member ended the class on explaining how she was able to get help from the church and that even though they gave her more that she gave back in return she still paid her tithing and it all worked out when she was a single mom. It was perfect. Our investigator was so relieved and it was just perfect. I couldn't even believe it. So all you members remember how important your testimony is to those who are searching for truth.
I love and miss all of you!
Sister Pendleton

Monday, October 20, 2014


SO this past week has been soooooo good! We had som great lessons with our investigators and they are progressing so well! Lori and Kathryn came to church iwth their children. We walked with Lori to church and her son is just so adorable! I can't even tell you how great God has been to us this week...the sad thing is  is that I can't even begin to think of how to tell you everything in just a short time. I have done a lot of personal responses so sorry this might be short.
SO we taught the word of wisdom and it turns out that one of our investigators have a major issue with it but it was so cool becuase as we talked with them about it they told us that they knew that this would be brought up and that they felt prepared. It was SOOOO cool! God is really ready for them to come to his flock and they are so receptive to the spirit! I couldn't even believe it! I was so impressed! I love Heavenly Father so much! Then we had another lesson with new investigators that have just been going so well. The spirit has been so strong lately!
Today we went on a hike and that is why I am emailing so late it was the best thing of my life lately!
Sister Anderson is o cute! Here is a picture of us at the water tower we hiked to.
SO something that I am learning is just how involved God is in all of our lives. I thought that I would be leaveing Whittier this transfer but because I haven't I am seeing so many miracles come about meeting just the right people at just the right time and it all feels so great! Not that that wouldn't happen other wise but I know that God has me here still for a greater reason and I feel Him remind me of that constantly. I know that where everyone is right now is where God wants us to be and if you don't feel that way then you should probably figure out where you should be at instead...He wants to let you know!
I love you all so much. Thank you for all the support that you give me. For the emails and letters as well! Love you
Sister Pendleton

Monday, October 13, 2014

Transfers once again!

So question for all of you....why do we support halloween??? Why do we put up scary decorations supporting it when we clearly want to stay away from the devil! I was talking with a members neighbor who will become mormon when our member decides to do more missionary work because well I just feel that in my heart and it is a great opportunity for the member :) but he is a devout christian from Russia and he was talking with us the other day and he asked us why his neighbor was in support of something so demonic...well I couldn't answer him because I actually felt that he was right. But I just don'g know why. I wouldn't want God to come visit me on halloween because that wouldn't be the most spiritual time I would ever be. anyways food for thought!
So Mark was confirmed and well he came in all white which was awesome! It was cool.
Oh are you all wondering where I am going for the next 7 weeks (this transfer will be for 7 weeks then we will go back to 6 weeks again) Well this transfer I will once again stay in the Pickering ward! Hahaha it is so exciting! Although so many of the ward members came up to me and were like are you okay staying for another transfer....well just to let you all know I love this ward and at times I feel like I am just ready to find something else...but then I think of the family that I just adopted and the investigators that we are teaching and all the people that I would have to say goodbye to and it is just sad! So really the benefits of staying clearly outweigh leaving. AND I am getting an amazing companion named Sister Anderson. I cant even tell you how excited I am about it!!!! She is such a sweet girl!
Okay also mom your email was so criptic....just so you know...
Well this investigator that we are teaching came to church with her children this week and she was glowing as she walked out it was so great!!!! She loves the gospel and she is overcoming all her barrirors and every time she has questions or gets antied she just asks us and researches and pays attention to the spirit and she over comes it! I love the gospel and GOd a lot!
No super funny stories this week but we have laughed a lot though. We stopped playing the game but not because of the flirty contacts that I was getting I haven't had one of those for the past week! I am super excited, restoring my faith in contacting.
Well I have been learning a lot...tender mercy of the Lord this past week was the opportunity to meet with the family that I just adopted...don't worry not a replacement family it is just a more the marriere type of family!!! Yep so great!!!
Love you all! SOrry about the spelling errors I just don't have the time!
SIster Pendleton

Monday, October 6, 2014

What do you know...a cold...achoo

Yep this past week one of the sisters decided to share with me her lovely cold. I think I am going to have to explain to her that Charity for others is when you share happy things not things that will cause misery...I hate sneezing and blowing noses. I don't think I have had the classic cold in years...but will get over it soon I am sure!
Well I have so many stories and short on time! So I will share with you that Mark got baptized! That was so great! So simple and perfect. Great spirit about it.
I don't know if I told you before but my comps and I have a contacting game so that they are more motivated to talk with people. Well for every contact we get 1 pt then for every referral we get 3 then if we get a return appt we get 5 and then if we get a new investigator it is 10 pts well if we contact someone and they flirt with you you get -5 pts and if the bible bash it is -3 pts. WEll last week after emailing you all There was such a nice guy who came up to me and asked me hold old I was...I told him and then he asked me to guess how old was so I weezled out of it cause I hate that question he told me he was 43 then he proceeded to ask me to be his boyfriend...(he was special needs) So I try to politely tell him no...well the whole computer place went dead silent! DEAD SILENT and everyone was trying not to laugh at the whole situation...where were my companions!!!! Not standing next to me! So I told him I was a missionary and couldn't date people. He then was very persistant and asked me why was a bad ordeal...if that wasn't enough then a sane OLD man being snarky asked me what church I was from and asked if he could be my boyfriend...Hewas like 60....I couldn't believe this -10pts right there and it was only p-day! I lost the game that week all because of these two men who couldn't keep their mouths shut...good thing I still care more about peoples salvation than anythings else so I still talk with everyone!
Love you all
1SIster Pendleton

Monday, September 29, 2014

Basically October

So pretty much I loved the Womens broadcast!!!! It was so great! I am so excited to hear the Prophet this coming weekend. SO everything is going well and we are continuing to remember God and his Greatness. So we are seeing the blessings. Mark the guy we have been teaching is getting baptized this next Sunday and we are just so excited for him. He is truly dedicated I have never seen someone so humble and desireous to learn more. He is amazing! He has made a lot of changes in his life and he is fully devoted.
We are also teaching another lady that is cruising through the Book of Mormon. SHe loves it and everytime we stop at her house she has questions and wants to know what our beliefs are and how things apply! I am so excited to continue to teach her.
Greatest tender mercy of the week is that we were able to get as much done as we did. Both my companions have been a little ill. But we have been able to keep our appts and keep going. Lots of miracles.
I am obsessed with a talk by elder bednar about not shrinking and he says that we must drink the bitter cup without becoming bitter...such an interesting principle but so true.
Well love you all!
Sister Pendleton

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Miracle Week

So this past week it has just been full of miracles. So Sunday we met this guy Mark...actually we have met him before. About 2 months ago on a p-day we were walking through the dollar store and we passed him and he started talking with us. He decided he wanted to look into our religion more and well we got his information and we referred him to the elders that he lived in the area of. Well then they went over and he taught them the 1st lesson and he seemed super interested but his wife refused to let him learn more. Well come to find out he is divorcing his wife and has moved into our area and will do whatever it takes to get baptized. He has fallen out of the sky! It is crazy...Super glad that we were in the dollar store and so was he...He bore his testimony of the gospel to us on Sunday and that is remarkable.
Next we found this lady who we just about drove away from but I stopped the car and we went and talked with her. She is in the middle of 2 Nephi now and really finds the book really good. We meet with her tomorrow. She seems super prepared!
WE also got some investigators from the Spanish elders and they are full of questions. The 14 year old boy has debates at school about whether there is a God. Well I find that very impressive. So cool!
I love my companions and we are doing so well together! We are starting to laugh a lot more and come to find out people want to talk with you when you are laughing and having a good time! it is amazing!
Well we went to the temple today and it was just a really great day. Although God is going to have to give me some strength because I am super tired. My comps took a nap but I was too awake. It was interesting. Lots of things happening now.
HAPPY Birthday Conner and Anthony!!! I love you both!
Hopefully you will get a card soon...It is a struggle for me sometimes.
What is coopers email?
Well here are some pictures I guess you can see!


Here is some of the zone we work closely with from last transfer, and then here is my companions and another picture. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

1st week of Transfer

Well hello everyone I hope that everything is going well in that part of the Country you are in...It is so extremely hot here in Whittier I am actually very impressed by it all. So I don't know if I told you all or not but here is what I said when I came to Whittier last year...SO Sister Folsom told me that this would be the hottest place in the mission and we were going to be there through the winter and I was like I am so gratefull that that will happen because pretty much then it wouldn't matter where I am it will be cooler than in WHittier...Well God has a great sense of humur because here I was through the whole of Summer saying hey this isn't so bad I am okay with the fact that I am back because I love the Pickering ward...well little did I know that God had such a huge sense of humur because this past week has been hotter than the rest of the summer ever and it is onlysuppose to get hotter this week. No more comments about how I can handle the heat...the only blessing is is that our new companion isn't allowed to ride a bike so we have the car...Although I am not sure if that is a good thing seeing as it takes away needed exercise to balacnce the amt of food people expect you to eat. I am not joking some of the members expect us to eat a lot...and then have seconds...gratefully I can run. :) God always sends us Tender Mercies and allows us to be blessed! I love our new companion Sister Redger...she is quite hilarious and always uses the word delightful so I wouldn't be surprised if I end up using that word a lot soon. We shall see I am trying to resist it.
The work is getting better...improving each week. The ward is good. We are having a difficult time with members actually applying the doctrine which they know to be true. Thus we need works. Nothing shows that you truly understand the gospel as when you apply it. I am working on the application as well...just differently. We all need that help and a deeper conversion.
Well God is in the details of our lives this I know to be true. I see Him all the time. Even when it is a joke at my expense....I know that there is a greater purpose for me being in Whittier and is an answer to my prayers!
Love you all!
Sister Pendleton

Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey everyone,
So this last transfer has taught me the great importance of communication and humility and patience and love and faith and well I could keep going. It has been so interesting. I love Sister Henderson a lot. She is one of the greatest people ever. She is a lot like me actually. She is 21 and when I was 21 I imagine myself to be just like her. So It has been really intersting. We get a long great but we need to be better communicators and recognize that this definitly isn't our work. Well...I can't even tell you how much it has pained me that it took me so long to learn the things that I needed to learn. Really, I wonder why I couldn't have learned things faster or why I was so prideful or hard hearted to not learn lessons sooner...It has just been so great to recognize how merciful the Lord is to me and how He hasn't given up on me which is so great!!! I am so grateful for the Mercy that is provided through the great plan of salvation. It was really good good to learn. Now I know that I must be much more patient and loving with the people around me because if God gave me mercy then the people around me deserve my mercy even more so.
So this transfer is ending and we are starting up a new one...Sister Henderson and I are still together and I get to have another transfer in the Pickering ward. tHis will mean that this is my 6th transfer in this area! I will hit my year mark in the same place I started out in!!! SO COOL! I love the ward and something that is so extra cool is that when I got here a year ago the ward averaged 50 people at church each week...we are not up to the high 70's to 80's....It is so good to see the improvement! I love it! God in his great mercy has been helping this ward grow and gain strength. I hope that it continues to grow. we are focusing on a lot of the Less actives. Especially since the 1st presidency message is kinda scary to be fidling around now. We need to prepare and spiritually is very important!
Well....great things are happening out here and I am still seeing the Lords hand all over. I hope that you see them too!
Love you all!
Sister Pendleton

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sept 1, Labor Day!!!


So this past week has a very interesting week. I have been humbled quite a bit. I am determined to become a better person and not so caught up in myself. Turns out you stop relying on God and you fall on your face. Hard. And then He continues to send you signs of His love. Like Those of whom He loves He chastens. Well, So I fell on my face (figuratively) and knew that what I had done wasn't the best thing in the world but then I got my prayers answered. It was really cool. I know that God loves us and that He is aware of all of the things that are going on. 

So cool some less active members that we have been working with seemed to be the theme of the week to answer prayers. She was talking with us about how the last two weeks have been really hard. Especially since she has resolved to go back to church. Satan has hit her with the best of his best and she knows though that she has a greater purpose and that is why Satan has hit her so hard. So we show up at her house and she wasn't even in the plans to go see so we show up and start talking with her and all she can say is this is so weird. I mean it it isn't weird but it is weird. God always places people in my path just when I need them. Just when He knows it will make a difference. We talked about God and His love for each of us and it was the coolest thing ever! I love being someones answer to their prayers and have decided that that is what I am going to focus on for a while. 

Well I hope this all makes sense cause I can't really fix it now because Labor day means short on time and Computers. Hope all is well...Whats the miracle in your week???

Love Sister Pendleton

Service and some fun!

 Service we did as a zone this past week. Did so much! So excited about it!
Found crystal glasses in the apt we live in it was great! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Thoughts

HEy everyone,
So last monday I was able to go to the Aquarium with another set of sisters in the mission and it was so cool. I enjoyed it a lot. But Let me tell you California traffic could almost ruin the happiest day of your life. Not joking. It was aweful coming back. I think back to how long it takes to get to Salt Lake and just imagine we went like half the distance and the same amount of time plus a little. Not my cup of tea...cause I don't drink tea. Okay but really I had very good time. It was fun. Here are some pictures of us!
This week we have a zone service activity we are excited about.
What else did we do this last week oh it was so cool so we do service for this lady who is pagen and she doesn't really listen to our message but the cool things is is that she stands up for us and tells people Christians that they should be more like the Mormons. She told us how there was a group of Christians that were doing a free car wash but was asking for donations and something else that really made her mad...well she went off on them about how the mormons come do service and don't ask for donations and she thought they were more christ like then them. It was kinda funny. I thought well that works. I am okay with that. so yeah anyways.
Miracle of the Week......we met this 15 year old girl who didn't want to have to put on a fake smile but have a real smile everyday. We taught her our message and the next time she saw us she was so excited and told us how she had been praying everyday and that it was weird at first but now she is getting better at it! It was amzing!!
Love you all whats the miracle of the week????

fSIster Pendleton

Monday, August 18, 2014

And Life goes on.....

Hello everyone!
Well let's see...the greatest miracle this week was that we lived and no one injured us! Trust me with this last week it was a miracle.
This past week I have learned more about being in a Leadership position than any other time. I have discovered that sometimes people have to be addressed lovingly but very frankly and that they ask for help they tell you things so that you can help them be better and if you don't address it frankly they don't stop,...I learned that as a leader you have to go above and beyond expectations so that the people who are struggling the most will gain some desire and some inspiration to accomplish correct gospel principles. It can be overwhelming but God is there beside you and it isn't even you really it is Him doing everything. I have discovered that as we follow the Spirit you are placed in exactly the right time! For example this lady who me and Sister Folsom found in the park a few months back has been super busy but we are getting into contact with her again. Saturday we wanted to see her but I hate knocking on her door because her mom is so against us...well we went and were directed VIA Spirit to try her first well we contacted this family who was doing a yard sale and what were the selling??? A violin....for a very reasonable price....Remember how I love to collect instruments???? Yep so I will admit that I got slightly distracted by the violin...God knows my weaknesses though...remember that he said he would make them strengths? well as I took the instrument out of the case played around with it trying to tune it and what not we talked about religion and then I handed it to Sister Henderson who played at one point in her life and who walks by???? this lady does!!! So  I was able to talk with her and make an appt with her and that has happened two different times! I love it! She needs the gospel thats for sure!
Well Just so you know I may be sending a violin home in the near future as well...hahaha
I love you all What miracles have you seen lately?
Sister Pendleton

Monday, August 11, 2014

More Pictures

 Me and Sister Henderson last week
 Out knocking and this is what we found...don't worry got permission from the owner :)

Me and Sister Henderson Today!!!!! Love you all!

Happy Birthday to Everyone!

Happy birthday to Russell, Tom, Grandmas and last week and this week!
Well this past week has been exciting we were able to take a RM out with us Friday and just had a great week! I love my area and my ward! They are some of the best. I am afraid that I will be leaving the area but am hoping for another transfer here not that anything will change until September...but still I love this ward. So ummm....I don't have much time and wanted to include pictures and they're worth 1000 words so you don't need me to write as much right???? Glad we agree on that!
Me sister Youngberg

Monday, August 4, 2014

First Week of August

Hello everyone!
So I am writing first this time instead of reading so sorry if no answer.
Story Time!
We went out biking on Saturday. A full day of prostyliting it was awesome we talked with a lot of people we knocked on a lot of doors and had some people call us devils and lots of rude things all before noon but that is okay cause we were having a lot of fun! Sister Henderson and I were laughing a lot. We were on our way back to our apt for lunch when we saw this lady and started talking with the difference with her is that she was right across from a 7th day adventist church....we don't contact near churches usually but had the impression to just ask for a referral and ask if she knew anyone who could use a message about hope. Well she looks around and then points at this little boy...I mean little boy 6 years old. I just look at her in my head and am like really??? are you wanting to hear the message and just pass it off to him or what? but we were like okay well we'd love to share it with him so the lady who turned out to be the grandma tells us how his dad is in jail but he doesn't know it and how he has been saying he just wants to kill himself and just been down. So we start talking with him and help him to understand that God loves him and how to feel God's love. It was the cutest thing ever. At first he didn't want to talk and had his head hanging down and wouldn't talk with us but then at the end he was talking and we gave him a picture of Jesus to take and one to send to his dad. It was super cute. I am glad we got that referral. We saw the Grandma later and she said that the message helped him a lot.
Next Story!
So we were trying apotential who had told us to come by later and ended up talking with a different Guy. Both of whom really need the Light of Christ in their lives...not my own observation but they both said it....(not that way though) so we get him talking about his relationship with God and whats holding him up and just felt the spirit guiding our conversation. He was kinda being a little obstinant and admitted he knew he wasn't where God would have him be. So we end our conversation and have him pray. He said he would and it was the coolest thing! God loves this guy and wants him on His side. So he is at the end of the prayer and his voice slightly cracks and as soon as he says amen he is like wow that was weird...and trying to shrug off what he was feeling. We were able to get a return appt though and will see if he will allow his heart to be softened any more. I have never seen someone try to shrug off the Spirit though. That was interesting. He couldn't though! He already felt it. :)
Well hope this lets you know that I am doing wonderfully well and I love you all!
what Miracles have you seen lately?
SIster Pendleton
P.s so signature of our phone can't fit both of me and my comps last names so it is Pen Hen hahahaha

Monday, July 28, 2014

Eternal Perspective

So this week I have been completely shambocked by a member in our ward. SHe is going through some very difficult things in her life with her husband. I won't tell you all the details but I will tell you whoat I would have liked to do in her situation...Divorce him, remove all visitation rights and never talk with him again. Not even a second chance would I offer. IT is bad....What is this member doing???
Well she has decided that when she was married in the temple that she decided that her marriage was for eternity. That there would be nothing that would stop her from being with him. He has his agency yes, but she believes that as she is patient and assists him in his recovery and loves him that this challenge will pass. She is annoyed with everyone in the church telling her to divorce him. She is very sad that people aren't more supportive of her choices. All she is trying to do is be Christ like and look at the eternal perspective. She talked with us all about her situation and how she was a convert yet many people just believe that divorce is all there is.
Now what a humbling situation. I definitely believe that prayer is a huge part to know if divorce is suppose to happen but what a realization. In the Eternal perspective the challenges we all face is but a moment. To give up on people we once loved so quickly to replace eternity is crazy to think about. She has taught me so much with that conversation. No one would judge her for having hard feelings towards her husband but everyone judges her for forgiving and letting go to assist and ask for assistance in letting go. She isn't looking at what he is but what he can become. I admire her and feel very humbled and now have to repent for my not correct beliefs of marriage. ..
So this week has been a crazy week. I get to have a new companion! I get 6 weeks more in Whittier I am so excited about it! I love this ward!
Got to go but what are your miracles this week?
Sister Pendleton 

Monday, July 21, 2014

OH NO!!!!

Well, that is the saddest thing in the world. I hope that you are able to save something from the fires.
  [in Washington] I will just share one thing because I am short on time today. I was in church yesterday, just reflecting on the week and all our efforts with Less actives investigators and people in general. Everyone is going through a hard time it seems like, but as I was getting really sad the spirit was able to come and testify to me that God is more powerful than Satan. That He really is in control that the good does win and that people will change and God is preparing a way for everyone to come closer to him. Well during Church my spirits were lifted and we were able to go later that night and find a street with didn't think exsisted and as well as to find someone who God has been preparing to accept the gospel. It was miraculous! I love the Lord. I know that he is with you all now as you are trying to figure out what to do about Methow. I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is always brighter than what we ever expect.
I know that this is super short but I love you all. I can't even believe that all this has appened. I will be praying for you all.
Sister Pendleton

Monday, July 14, 2014

This week of crazyness

Hey everyone!
So super exciting news! We are teaching someone who I taught when I first came. She needs the gospel and God is guiding us to her and her to us. I can't even tell you how scared I was to go see her again, She is really nice its just I don't know...I was scared which I have come to discover that that is when I need to do things. So we did and she committed to read pray and come to church! Huge step! I am praying like crazy for her now. And we went by a less active that has been on my mind forever and what happened!!! He wants to come back. I love it when they have the desires. I love the miracles that occur. I wasn't quite expecting him to come out and state his desires. He told us some of his dilemas but with prayers and patience he will come back! His family is pretty awesome too. We need to build up the ward. Each week at church it always reminds me how much the ward needs our help and needs members to get over their offenses and support their beliefs. Like Uncle Dick said not let others determine their salvation. Enduring to the end is huge and God really wants to bless us. Why would we stop those blessings from coming just because someone else said something inconsiderate? I am excited for the progress that is happening.
Well I will count this as a tender mercy. I was in Lakewood with another sister and we decided to knock on a door. Well the guy is sitting on his couch and he goes to get up...I had a premonition that he might not be I look away and stare at Sister Le the guy starts closing the door and says hold on let me put away the dogs...well I had seen enough to know he didn't have a shirt on, and then....3 minutes later he comes to the door with clothes on and the dogs at his side and me and sister Le look down at the dogs and he's like oh they must have gotten out....yep....don't worry the spirit is with us to know how to discern truth and when to look the other way. I don't care that he lied to us about putting the dogs away because the better part is that he was clothed and I wasn't scarred. I do not have a desire to be one of the sister missionaries who had the door answered by a naked person. The end.
Love you all! Have are great week! Tell me about the miracles you saw!
Sister Pendleton  

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July

Hey everyone!
The Fourth came and went and the Lord was so nice to us. We were suppose to be on exchanges but the sister was sick so we went down to help them a little in their time of need and on the way back up to Whittier we were able to see all of the fireworks celebrating the freedoms we have, the country we live in and it just warmed my heart. There are no fireworks allowed in the city of Whittier so it was only through this small tender mercy that me and my companion were able to see fireworks and boy they were beautiful. They were everywhere. I understand why they aren't allowed in the city of old homes that they want to keep historic, I am just so glad that God knows the little things that make a difference in our lives that we don't realize until it occurs.
Well we went to the temple today and that is why I am writing a day later than usual. I am so grateful for that opportunity. I am blessed. This past week I had a super huge spiritual moment. Margaret, a member Sister Folsom and I started working with when I first came out had had a rough week and knew she needed help. She needed an up lift. While we were visitin I asked her if she wanted to bare her testimony the next day in sacrement and she said yes. So I helped her write out a brief testimony. She can't really speak. She has cerebral palsy. so She was going to go up and stand next to me while I shared her feelings. What a great opportunity it was for me to be apart of this experiance. I was so touched. The spirit was super strong testifying of her simple beliefs. I will definitely hold that experiance close to me forever.
I loved the miracles you all shared with me. Thanks Ken for sharing that experiance with me from Uncle Dick. That is so cool.
D&C 35 talks about how We are all meant for something greater than we can comprehend. Don't let anything else stop you from accomplishing it.
Love you all! What was your miracle this week?
Sister Pendleton