Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Thoughts

HEy everyone,
So last monday I was able to go to the Aquarium with another set of sisters in the mission and it was so cool. I enjoyed it a lot. But Let me tell you California traffic could almost ruin the happiest day of your life. Not joking. It was aweful coming back. I think back to how long it takes to get to Salt Lake and just imagine we went like half the distance and the same amount of time plus a little. Not my cup of tea...cause I don't drink tea. Okay but really I had very good time. It was fun. Here are some pictures of us!
This week we have a zone service activity we are excited about.
What else did we do this last week oh it was so cool so we do service for this lady who is pagen and she doesn't really listen to our message but the cool things is is that she stands up for us and tells people Christians that they should be more like the Mormons. She told us how there was a group of Christians that were doing a free car wash but was asking for donations and something else that really made her mad...well she went off on them about how the mormons come do service and don't ask for donations and she thought they were more christ like then them. It was kinda funny. I thought well that works. I am okay with that. so yeah anyways.
Miracle of the Week......we met this 15 year old girl who didn't want to have to put on a fake smile but have a real smile everyday. We taught her our message and the next time she saw us she was so excited and told us how she had been praying everyday and that it was weird at first but now she is getting better at it! It was amzing!!
Love you all whats the miracle of the week????

fSIster Pendleton

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