Monday, December 29, 2014


Hello Everyone! 

Well family, that was the best skype that has happened! I was so impressed that we had so much to talk about and well I just loved talking to y'all :) It was needed. 

We had a great Christmas! We woke up and made french toast and ate it! then studied all about how the Savior came into the world and sang Christmas songs. Then we went and skyped and enjoyed the presence of family for a time. Then we went and partied with our zone! I didn't get pictures I don't know why, well actually what we did was watch Work and The Glory 2, and 17 Miracles. We all of a sudden didn't feel so bad being away from our families when people who crossed the planes had frozen feet and were starving to death. After watching those movies we went and ate dinner with a Polynesian family and it was great! Then we went caroling! That was so much fun. We drove around and sang everywhere listening to Handles Messiah music learning how to direct with Two hands/one hand for the driver. And we saw Christmas lights and it really was a great day of my life! I opened Christmas presents and well I didn't actually take many pictures that day which now that I think about it is so unfortunate but know it was a great day! 

So next miracle story! We have been meeting with a guy who said that he didn't believe in God and didn't want to talk with us (but he did and he let us come back) now he is at the point where he is bowing his head for the prayer and stopping himself from swearing in our presence and he came to the church bldg not the services but he is reading the Book of Mormon and really it is the coolest thing of my life! I am so excited! He may or may not be quitting drinking and experiancing flu like withdrawl symptoms. We keep praying for him and I just know that he will come to know this is true. The small simple things in life is what makes the biggest difference!

Love you all!

Happy New Year!

Sister Pendleton


Breakfast in new apt with no plates :)
A great present! 
Christmas tree the night before!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Pictures worth 1000 words so don't ask for more please :)

 Busy week this week umm well here are pictures and I love you all!
Merry Christmas! 

Sister Pendleton 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Update of the Week!

Well I don't really know what to tell you all, except that we have continued to keep busy. Well here is a funny story! 
So we were out contacting people and we talked with these two asian people. Well it was a friday night and they were totally drunk. It was kinda rediculous actually but we one wasn't as much. Well while we were talking with them it started to rain. The more petite man was freaking out about it and tried to rush us back to the car. When we said that we were okay he ran in and got us an umbrella. It was so funny. Then the not so drunk man told us to wait a minute because he wanted to help us in our endevor of spreading peace. So while we are waiting the drunk man keeps pushing us together so taht way we are both under the umbrella, well Sister correa was holding it and so everytime he pushed us together it would hit my head and then the rain that was on the umbrella would just roll onto the top of my head. It was hilarious. I was laughing Sister correa was freaking out because she was getting touched and the man was so unhappy because we were getting wet. It was all very amusing. The nice thing about it all was that we were able to find new people to teach. Not those two, but others. It was a great day. 

Miracles occur as we do our best I know.

What stories do you have for me?

Love you all

Sister Pendleton

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First week of Transfers...

Last week has been so crazy! I cannot even tell you how crazy  it has been. My companions are great but not really doing so well physically. My companion Sister Shipman has been having a really bad headache and shakiness for the past several weeks and so she is going to go home tomorrow. Then it will just be me and Sister Correa. I am sad that Sister Shipman is leaving. She is from Arkansas and is such a cute girl. We went to the Newport temple today. It was the best thing of my life! I love that temple. It is so beautiful. I took a lot of pictures. Also this past week there was a baptism in my other ward in Cerritos. A part member families children got baptized and I was a ble to go back and see my lovely members from that ward. I missed it so badly! I love the area so much!
Since my companion was sick the past week we weren't able to get out much so I don't know many members or investigators or the type of people that we are living around. I was really sad about that. But from the people taht I have met they are all really nice. I love them so far! So hopefully we will be able to be out and about more this week although since it is full of meetings and christmas devotional things it may be crazy.
I don't really have many stories other than what I have told you. Although I am totally seeing that persistance pays off. My first transfer in Cerritos we started working with the part member family the Castros and they wouldn't really let me in, but by the end I was in and we started to teach them. Then the next two were still gradually easing our way into their lives. Now look at where they are. 3 of the 4 children are baptized. They love the gospel and love having the missionaries around. God is hastening his work. We just have to be persistant. Also I saw sister Anderson and this part member family that I have been trying to get into their house the last 5 transfers are now letting them teach them this past week. And the investigator we had who thought he was a son of perdition now doesn't believe that and is hopefully going to be baptized in a week. I am so excited. God really is preparing hearts. I love it! I am grateful for my mission!
Love you all! here are some pictures of me and the family that was baptized and my comps at the newport temple.
Sister Pendleton

Monday, December 1, 2014


So the long awaited day to find out if I stay a whole year in pickering comes to an end. I leave tomorrow and go to the Huntington Beach area in the Beach ward. It works out really well! I am excited. Although I am so sad to leave all these people! I was looking around at the ward and there were so many people who weren't there that I wanted to say goodbye too but it has been the best time of my life really! Here there have been so many different things that have been so inspired. Just on Saturday there was a situation that I was able to share with someone and just feel the Love that God had for her and the spirit was so strong and she was able to change. She was able to come closer to God and it was just amazing! I was so grateful for that experience. I can't even tell you how many times I have wondered if I was doing what God wanted me to do or if I was just doing what I wanted to do. But This past week God has really helped me to see things through His eyes and helped me to recognize His had so much more than I have realized. I am going to miss so many of the people here. They are my family! Good thing this isn't the end because that would be tragic@
So Thanksgiving was so good. We spent it with people we loved and they loved us and we didn't have to eat everywhere we went so we didn't have to be so stuffed which is so great. It made the day so much better. Sister Anderson is really struggling right now with her knee. We ran up a mountain at the beginning of the transfer (yes it was my idea, but not the best I have ever had) and it has hurt ever since. It has been so crazy! Anyways...have some pictures of some people I love! Hope you are seeing just as many miracles as I am!
Love Sister Pendleton
ME and The Schachers and then with the silly faces of arciniegas and Sister Balke is a replica of Mom! not in looks but in who she is!