Monday, March 31, 2014

Transfers are here once again...


So transfers have come up once again and I am staying in Cerritos 1st ward and Sister Tumurbaatar is staying my companion...which isn't a big surprise we expected that. The Elders area is getting white washed though...weird. The one elder is leaving and the other one is getting transferred. Let me just say saying goodbye to elders that are leaving is so weird. I don't know what to say or do. Yes I know I am getting awkward because that was weird...oh well. He is from Chile. Things are changing. 

Next form of business... So we had an earthquake down here...did you hear about it!!!! It was interesting. We had just gotten home and closed our door. We are on the bottom floor and the people above us are really loud sometimes and we can hear every time they move and we just ignore it most of the time. And occasionally the apt manager who has something against us even though we don't do anything tells us not to slam the door every time we close the door. Trust me we don't. So we had just closed the door and were getting ready to plan when the people upstairs just start going busurk! and stomping everywhere and I am looking at the ceiling just thinking really? really? you snore at night and keep us up we barely shut the door it isn't that loud what is your deal??? then I started feeling the ground under me move and I realized that this was an earthquake...Sister T grabbed my arm and she was pretty scared. So what did we do? We go outside...yep that is what we did. Thankfully the earthquake ended then and didn't continue because basically had it escalated and continued we would have been killed by all the things that would have fallen on our heads. That is what was going through my head as it stopped. I was like wow, you know I am not from around here. Plus when I first realized what it was it is the what do you do? Elementary school came to my mind and we have a table that we could go under but I wouldn't do that because it is not so stable. like really if anything fell on it we would just get crushed. So hopefully you can make sense of my run-on sentences and what not because I don't know how to properly punctuate my thoughts. 

Well we found an el salvado family this past week. Our less active that we  have been working with since I got here has started coming to church and is just blossoming!!! We love it! Life is good, the gospel is true!!!

Love Sister Pendleto

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cami's Birthday

Well Shout out to Cami for her Birthday!!! and Jaryd on the 29th! Love you Both! So yesterday we ate dinner at a members house who had their grandchildren there and one of them was 6 months old and a little boy. Can't even tell you how much I wish I could see all my nephews! He was so adorable smiling and playing with us (don't worry we didn't hold him, we were good missionaries). But oh man it was such a reminder of all the little boys at home! Aunt Josee take good care of Conner, I know Alexa and Cierra will, you...well you might need help in your old age...just kidding. I am just really jealous :)
Yesterday we had another miracle find! A lady walked into the church trying to find out more about it. We were just on our way out and her daughters were like mom no ones here, church is over. Well we said no, come on in. We will show you around. It was amazing! Can't even tell you how blessed we are having the gospel in our lives. If everyone just new what they are missing out on and what they would gain from the gospel we would just be overwhelmed with people to teach. Sounds like everyone is pretty busy now. Uncle Mike, good luck! I would vote for you if I could! you will do awesome!
Mom, Time out for women is amazing! Are you excited for basically another one this coming weekend???
Will. I can imagine the whole thing. When I say that when people told me about what the elders did and how they acted prior to my mission it was easy to imagine but unreal at the same time. Now that I interact with missionaries that do crazy things I am just like wow. All the stories I heard prior to my mission are so true and now I can actually see it happening. Just crazy!
Well thats my life to this point.
Have a great week!
Sister Pendleton

Monday, March 17, 2014


So exciting news for this past week was that we found two new investigators yesterday! And seriously it was amazing. Let me just tell you! So first off we decided that we needed to walk to an investigators house to see if they were home and if we could set up a return apt. Well, we walked for 4 hours straight talking to everyone we saw. I mean literally everyone who we saw. We were able to set up a return apt with four of the people we met, but overall we just got a lot of sun. First sunburn from California. Like my feet now have an official tan. Which, ps so my watch I would wear at home all the time has now finally given me a tan line. Unfortunate. Worldly I know moving on. So we went back to two peoples houses who set up apts with us and low an behold they weren't there. Not real surprising but we talked with a girl at the first house and it was through a window I might add, and we shared the first vision. Her response was beyond believable! Like she was like "wow, I have asked myself that so many times" and then she told us how she just lost one of her friends and it was just so funny that we came that day. Yep, God works miracles. Then we went and taught a little girl who's brother told us that she hadn't been saved yet so we should talk to her. So we did. She told us at the end that she felt really warm inside. Basically it was amazing. We have return apts with both of them. We weren't able to meet with the Indian lady again this past week but next week we have another return apt. we shall see. I am learning Army of Helaman in Mongolian. Yep Sister T is video taping me singing it. I am struggling with that language still. Not surprising though. I taught Sister T how to ride a bike as well this past week. She is catching on. She hasn't wrecked yet. Although she still doesn't have the instinct to brake when she is scared so she just almost jumps off the bike instead which can be frightening for me cause I don't want her to get hurt cause that would retrogress the process. So yeah. I get to run next to her as she bikes and for this upcoming week it will be that way as well. which means I get to run more than normal. I am so okay with that!!! This is my life what about yours?
Happy Birthday to Sam! So excited for your birthday and I am even wearing green in your honor ;)
Sister Pendleton

Monday, March 10, 2014

Life as I know it....

Well, yesterday our ward had two farewells for brothers to go on their missions. There were so many people there it was awesome. Except that I have a suspicion that our investigator came to church and left because it was the middle of sacrament and they hadn't opened up the overflow and wouldn't let anyone in the chapel. So we may have to do some mending as well as with  a less active who was afraid that we wouldn't want him back there anyways so with him possibly not being allowed in the chapel he might have left. So there may be some repercussions...but the speakers were hilarious. They were Tongan and the one boy talked about being in shape spiritually and how he needed to be in shape physically for basketball. He was the 4th to last to finish the mile and his coach told him he needed to be faster. He told his coach he was Tongan and that although he was skinny on the outside he was fat on the inside. It was clever I thought. But the funniest part about it was that we started with Called to serve and ended with God Be with you Till we Meet Again. It was HILARIOUS!
SO we met a lady from India who is Hindu and is interested in learning more about the gospel. I am pretty excited about it. We are meeting with her tomorrow. 
So this past week we set up a return apt with a lady who we met at night and she told us to come back in the day and she thought that the people who she worked for would be interested in what we had to share. So we were excited and came back and come to find out that it was a rest home with people who had dementia and Alzheimer's. The lesson didn't really go like we planned but with some adjusting we taught them about God's love and sang songs with them. That was interesting. we want to do service for them now. Hopefully we can work that out. Love you all!
Sister Pendleton  

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd

Hey everyone!
Happy Birthday to Ben!!! I hope that the arthritis in your joints and memory loss will be slowed for your mission's sake. And I bet there is some remedy that you could find for that in Mexico, although make sure it isn't against the Word of Wisdom first cause that could be problematic!
This past week we have visited a lot of less active members. They seem to be progressing! We are hoping to organize a culture activity that will bring the ward members closer together!
Sister Tumurbaatar is teaching me Mongolian. I can now say wash your hands and my name is and ask what your name is. Lets just say that there is a reason why she is capable of learning English and why I stayed English speaking. I don't have the gift of tongues. But I still try...It may take years but I will learn a language!
Sister Tumurbaatar and I are getting so much better teaching the Restoration together! It is amazing! I love it! I am still getting lost almost everywhere I go, but the Lord is providing people to be placed in our path even when we get lost! We have been working really hard to get 10 street contacts a day and several times that we have gotten lost and have just gotten out of the car all of these people come out of their houses to do random things in their yard and we have been able to contact them! I like that much more than knocking on the door. 
We have come across a girl whose brother is in the "Book of Mormon" play and it was so funny because she seemed to really enjoy the experiance of us talking with her. It was funny. I could just imagine her talking to her brother about how she actually met LDS missionaries within a few days of seeing the play. She invited us back to talk with her though and even referred us to her dad. It was awesome! Saten can use things for evil but sometimes it opens doors for us! I will let you know how the lesson goes next week!
That's it for my adventures!
Sister Pendleton