Monday, January 26, 2015

Funny Story!!!

Ready for a very funny story family???? Okay well here it two weeks ago before I got my new companion me and Sister Correa were working in the library doing service for them. We were finding books that needed to be pulled and discarded. Well we were minding our own business when this man who was clearly on some drugs come up to us and start talking to us. He looks at me and says hi and then says something to the effect of "DId you know that library girls are pretty?" I looked at him and in my head am thinking oh boy, you need help and should probably not use so much drugs all the time, and at the same time trying not to laugh, said "oh no I didn't that is a good thing to know!" He then leaves and goes to a shelf that is just on the other side of us to the paperback stories about heated romance. Well he grabs one of them and comes back and shows it to me and says " Have you ever read this book before?" I answered no I hadn't. And am trying to be friendly but looking to sister correa to make sure this guy isn't going to pull anything. We are now in the middle of the row instead of on the outside. Well, then he tells me how he has read the book and that it is pretty good. Then he proceeds to ask me "Do you have a boyfriend?" and I look at him trying not to laugh and I see sister correa trying despretly to hide her smile I recognize the opportunity to teach him and said well actually I am a missionary. I am from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We don't date people while we are missionaries. and then asked him what religion he is...He told me he was Christian and all of a sudden he isn't so interested in talking to me anymore. I love being a missionary!!! SO then we were at district meeting Thursday and one of the elders told me the story of how he met this same guy at walmart driving one of those handicap carts. And came up and said Hey elders! I am Elder Ted...then was like actually I am not an elder...and they were like yeah we know. Then proceeded to tell the elders how he had met their sisters the other day at the library. And said yeah I was totally hitting on no I wasn't hitting on them...yeah okay yeah I really was. Well the rest of the story Elders were too embarrassed to tell me what was said. I just about died. It was so funny though. Then today as I am email I am hiding behind sister Harrison trying not to be seen because I don't want him to see me. Oh the life of a missionary!

Anyways! Well last night was the best night ever. Sister Harrison has been wondering if she receives promptings from the spirit and she received a prompting and we acted on it and we found a new person to teach! It was the coolest experience. I love that God knows exactly what we need just at the right time! This past week has been really good. I am finding that there are a lot of ups with the downs! I love you all! What is a good story from you all lately?


Sister Harrison and I

My Plant!!!

 Dr. Suess grass...weird is all I can say!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 1 for Training!

Well I got my new missionary. Her name is Sister Harrison. She is super cute. She is from Texas and is just super cute. She kinda got tossed into a great teaching pool. This past week we taught a lot of lessons and she has held up so well with all the stress and everything. I am so excited to be her companion. 
This past week we once again saw a lot of miracles happen especially with the guy that we are teaching. He is super funny and he has almost stopped swearing. When he found out that Sister Correa was leaving tuesday night he sent one more text and in this text he swore. Well without thinking I read the text outloud because that is what we do to make sure that everyone knows what is going on. Well I read the bad word as well and Sister Correa was about dead laughing at me. She was literally crying because she was laughing so hard. I think that it was almost worth it. I have never seen her cry ever so even though it was tears of something close to joy it was almost worth it. 

My new missionary is full of faith and is anxious to do some tracting and contacting people around us. We haven't done much of it because we have been teaching a lot but I think that soon she will know just how lucky she is to be teaching so much. However we will need to find more people to teach. miracle people so that she can begin to see the miracle of finding people. We have been getting referrals as well and that is exciting! 

One of our investigators who is planning on getting baptized the end of February had her brother who was 17 over. We taught them all the law of Chastity. It was the best lesson of my life! I can't even tell you how great this lesson was. I laughed because the first time he meets mormon missionaries he was taught our standard of Chastity. He will never forget us I am sure!!!!

Well love you all! 

Sister Pendleton

Monday, January 12, 2015


Hey everyone! 

So this transfer I got released as an STL and am now training! I am so excited! I am so happy about it! It means that I get to see great miracles and rely on God's hand and trust that this is His work. I am so excited! I told my mission president all the time that he should let me train and amazingly God decided to let me! It was actually really funny because my comp and I both made requests. I wanted to train and She wanted to be with Sister Anderson and stay in her ward, but President Tew called us into his office like two weeks ago and let us know what would be happening this transfer. We didn't really believe him until it actually happened though because last time he told me something that would happen before transfers when transfers came it was all switched up. So it was so great that it actually all happened! So I will be getting a new missionary tomorrow and start on a new journey. She is so lucky to be coming into this area. We have some baptisms all set up and they look they will actually happen. One of the people we are teaching has been progressing so well. She got her answer and came to a baptism Saturday and she felt the spirit so much and she just knows it is true and she wants to tell everyone that this is what she is going to be doing! She felt the spirit and it caused her to tear up which was really cute to me because just the other day she was like "I don't get it. I don't understand why these people start crying randomly and I just want to tell them that it is okay." It was something like that. but then she finally understood. And she got all teary. She is set, now all we have to do is help her to live the commandments. The same day that she got her answer she decided that when she goes out with her friends she will have to be the DD. It is so great! Just what the gospel does for people. All through the simple things in life. I am so excited for her and her family. 
The ward is very sad to see Sister Correa leave. And well she is a great missionary so it is sad to see her leave. They are even sadder to hear they get a missionary with no experience. But for me I know that this is God's work. Even with my experience I couldn't get this work to go forward if it was all up to me. I am excited to see the work that God will do. Often times I just wish that I wasn't so experienced because the spirit is so much stronger with those missionaries because well God needs to make up the difference. And well in all reality I don't really with that I was new again, but I wish I wasn't so prideful and rely on God more. That is really what it comes down to. And that is what I am learning lately. God makes up the difference as I try and do my best. That is how we found Luigi and that is how we help others come to Christ. All through Him. 

Well I have an announcement to make! 
If you were planning on coming out and getting me, just know if you come to my departure fireside I would love it but our mission president told us that we can't go with you until Tuesday morning. Like stay with you are what not. We could have meals with you and what not but I would just have to stay with my comp until Tuesday morning when she would get her next companion. So ya know...hope that is clear!

Love you all!
What miracles are happening to you?
Sister Pendleton  

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello everyone!

Hey Hey!

So pretty much I always run short on email time. I don't know how it happens but it just does so I will update you on some great experiences...

Luigi came to church. He is still having such a hard time believing in God, but on the note he wants to come to church next week and that he really is interested. It is so cool! I am so amazed. Here is this man who I didn't even think that would talk with us when we first met and all of a sudden we are meeting with him like everyday and he calls us and texts us when we don't. He recognizes the difference when we are there and not. He is a good guy. He walks us to the car every time to make sure that we are safe. It is amazing. 

Today we went to an asian market and pretty much I am the biggest fan now. It was amazing except for the fact that I didn't understand half on what was there. I don't know how to cook with any of it and yeah. That is my life right now. I love this place and it is getting better! Next week is transfers and it will be interesting to see what happens! 

So be patient with me on the Christmas is getting difficult to get it done! 

Love you all! 

SIster Pendleton