Monday, January 26, 2015

Funny Story!!!

Ready for a very funny story family???? Okay well here it two weeks ago before I got my new companion me and Sister Correa were working in the library doing service for them. We were finding books that needed to be pulled and discarded. Well we were minding our own business when this man who was clearly on some drugs come up to us and start talking to us. He looks at me and says hi and then says something to the effect of "DId you know that library girls are pretty?" I looked at him and in my head am thinking oh boy, you need help and should probably not use so much drugs all the time, and at the same time trying not to laugh, said "oh no I didn't that is a good thing to know!" He then leaves and goes to a shelf that is just on the other side of us to the paperback stories about heated romance. Well he grabs one of them and comes back and shows it to me and says " Have you ever read this book before?" I answered no I hadn't. And am trying to be friendly but looking to sister correa to make sure this guy isn't going to pull anything. We are now in the middle of the row instead of on the outside. Well, then he tells me how he has read the book and that it is pretty good. Then he proceeds to ask me "Do you have a boyfriend?" and I look at him trying not to laugh and I see sister correa trying despretly to hide her smile I recognize the opportunity to teach him and said well actually I am a missionary. I am from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We don't date people while we are missionaries. and then asked him what religion he is...He told me he was Christian and all of a sudden he isn't so interested in talking to me anymore. I love being a missionary!!! SO then we were at district meeting Thursday and one of the elders told me the story of how he met this same guy at walmart driving one of those handicap carts. And came up and said Hey elders! I am Elder Ted...then was like actually I am not an elder...and they were like yeah we know. Then proceeded to tell the elders how he had met their sisters the other day at the library. And said yeah I was totally hitting on no I wasn't hitting on them...yeah okay yeah I really was. Well the rest of the story Elders were too embarrassed to tell me what was said. I just about died. It was so funny though. Then today as I am email I am hiding behind sister Harrison trying not to be seen because I don't want him to see me. Oh the life of a missionary!

Anyways! Well last night was the best night ever. Sister Harrison has been wondering if she receives promptings from the spirit and she received a prompting and we acted on it and we found a new person to teach! It was the coolest experience. I love that God knows exactly what we need just at the right time! This past week has been really good. I am finding that there are a lot of ups with the downs! I love you all! What is a good story from you all lately?

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