Monday, May 26, 2014

More Pictures

 Sister T and I cooking Danish Chicken Dumpling soup
 Buddhist temple that we are able to see at the top of the "mountain"
 California Smog


Here are Pictures!

So have some pictures! I love them All!

Memorial Day

Hello everyone!

Happy Memorial Day!

So this has been one of the best days of my life on my mission in the category of preparation days. We went hiking today!!!!! It was the best thing in the world! I loved it so much. I am currently super sweaty and need a shower as I email but it's okay because Sister Folsom and I went hiking! We now have plans to go hiking like every p-day. I think I might survive the summer :)
This past week was so cool! We did an exchange with the Sisters from my last area. Well, I went back with my old companion, Sister T and was able to see the area and seriously in 3 weeks things have changed! Everyone we began working with have continued to progress. It is amazing! It was so cool. It was a really long week and we have been trying to talk with everyone. I think Whittier has one of the most populated areas in our mission that people are actually out and about walking so we can talk with them. No where else that I have been have had so many people. Well, after a very long week of contacting everyone we were tired not wanting to talk to people and so last night we had to make a decision about whether to go talk to a lady or get in our car. Thankfully we made the right decision and talked with her. She told us how she was wanting to build a relationship with God and didn't really know how to start. It was so cool! We had a great lesson with her and she seem soooo interested! Sister Folsom and I were so humbled and so glad that we kept talking with everyone. That miracle just makes up for the really exhausting week we had.

What has your miracle been for the week?

Sister Pendleton

Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Belated Birthday to Stuart and Chad!

Hey everyone!
So this past week has been a huge adventure! Seriously just an adventure. So Sister Folsom and I did 3 exchanges with other sisters and they were all good, I love getting to know the different Sisters. We had different experiences with all of them. The first one, we had the opportunity to go do service which cancelled on us, but we went around to different members and asked if they had service they all told us that they didn't have service for us, but the last member we came out of we met their neighbor and helped him clean his yard, and he referred us to a little old lady who we went and asked and she did need service it was awesome! It was the simplest thing ever. It was taking her recycling out to her bin but she is so frail and not able to get around very much at that it was a struggle for her. We had a great conversation with her and she was so appreciative of it. We will go back and see if she needs more help this week, she said she was moving soon though so we may miss her. But It was just the coolest feeling to do service for her. She said it was an answer to her prayers. The next exchange it was 8 at night and we met this lady who was unpacking her car, and we started talking with her. She expressed her desire to just change her life. It was just an awesome experience. I love talking with people and when they feel the spirit their hearts just soften and it opens up doors. The last exchange had the funnest experiences. Lots of spiritual experiences, but I am going to share with you the funniest experiences we had that day. So we were walking to a less active members house and we contacted these people who really didn't want to talk with us, but they did give us a referral. So we went and knocked on the door. There were two lady's who were inside and they invited us in saying how they were just talking about God and their love and need for Him in their life, how they need help overcoming their addictions. Both alcoholics. So they are just talking our ears off, and then the one lady finally asked where our church was at and we start doing some how to begin teaching, all about how our message can help them, testifying that this will help to change their life for the better, that they can overcome their personal challenges. Well, the lady then had it click in her head that we were Mormons. HAhahaha the lady went as cold as ice and said "you can leave now." It was so crazy! It was very interesting. So we basically left. We were able to leave a prayer with them though. That was nice of them. The husband did say that we could come back, but he only spake Spanish. We are referring them to the Spanish Elders. :)
Next funny story: We went to the church for just a few minutes. I am always with Sister Folsom so I completely forgot that there was an alarm after you use the code you have to turn off. So what happens??? I enter the church and the alarm is beeping I was like, Oh yeah I need to turn this off...I don't have the code...what is it...tried a few different codes...didn't what happens the alarm bell on the outside of the church goes off!!!! IT was ridiculous so we had to call the bishopric and get the code to turn it off and luckily they gave it to us and no one went to jail. Thankfully!!!! It was ridiculous! The sister I was with was just like "Well, this is a new experience"Hahah, I loved the tactical way she said that too. It was funny. Well this is long enough I hope you enjoy it! Love you all!
Sister Pendleton

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day!

ello everyone!
SO I wasn't able to talk with everyone as individually as I would have liked. 45 minutes is not enought but just know everyone that I love you  very dearly and wish that I could have, but what is really nice is that I am able to email and write letters and all of that fun stuff!
So pretty much last week was an interesting week. Kinda really sad actually. We went and did service for a gentleman that I really enjoyed last time I was here in this area and walked away from it determined that we wouldn't go back. The spirit there is just evil. Never more apparent than that day. He isn't coming closer to Christ and Satan is using him as a distraction from our work. Then another family that was active last time I was here four months ago are now not active and have told us to never come back again. He was surprised to see me and his heart was softened just a little but then was still don't ever come back. He said that they are "okay" They don't need us worrying about them. It broke our hearts. It is such a sad thing. Their actions now isn't just effecting them but our ward and more importantly their small children. I think that is the hardest part for me is that if they don't realize the need for the gospel in their childrens lives that they will miss out on being with them for eternity! No offense, no inconvienence, pain, or sacrifice is too great to let your family escape your grasp for eternity. Sure it is hard to swallow pride, and forgive but not near as hard as not having your family for the rest of your exisitance! Please let go of offense or anything else. It isn't worth it!
Miracle: We were able to find a specific purpose to this area. Why we are in this companionship at this time in this area. WE are excited to find less active families to come back to our ward. It is such a small ward but has many members in the area. With God's guidance we will be so successful. It is Sister Folsom's last full transfer on her mission. She will go home the 1st of July. So we are making the most of it!
What's your miracle of the week?
Sister Pendleton

Monday, May 5, 2014

Haha Pictures :)

Transfers are Here!

Well, here we go moving again! This transfer I am leaving the Cerritos area. It is slightly sad. I am going to miss so many people. I have really come to love these people and am sad, but am excited that I will be in the same country as them all and that California is so close. Sister Tumurbaatar is staying here and she is slightly nervous but she is going to do awesome! 
I am going back to Whittier. To the exact same ward as I was in before! With the same exact companion! This was so unexpected that I am still in shock. But I am a-okay with it all! Got to go figure out what I didn't will be an adventure! 
So my birthday was a birthday in the mission field. I was able to go to lunch with a member whom I love, and then I was able to go  to a Less active and well it really was a normal missionary day since well I am a missionary :) But here are some fun pictures from my birthday! 
Biggest miracle of the week was finding a new person to teach. He has always heard bad things about the church but hasn't ever believed them and has been praying about finding out more about the church. Well he now has the opportunity to learn more. We helped him recognize the Holy Spirit and I have decided that that is my most favorite thing in the world! Helping people recognize God's love for them. It always is so rewarding. When things just click and they become so happy when they feel the spirit. It really is like a piece of Heaven here on earth. well Mom I look forward to talking with you and the family this mothers day. 

Love you all

Sister Pendleton