Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day!

ello everyone!
SO I wasn't able to talk with everyone as individually as I would have liked. 45 minutes is not enought but just know everyone that I love you  very dearly and wish that I could have, but what is really nice is that I am able to email and write letters and all of that fun stuff!
So pretty much last week was an interesting week. Kinda really sad actually. We went and did service for a gentleman that I really enjoyed last time I was here in this area and walked away from it determined that we wouldn't go back. The spirit there is just evil. Never more apparent than that day. He isn't coming closer to Christ and Satan is using him as a distraction from our work. Then another family that was active last time I was here four months ago are now not active and have told us to never come back again. He was surprised to see me and his heart was softened just a little but then was still don't ever come back. He said that they are "okay" They don't need us worrying about them. It broke our hearts. It is such a sad thing. Their actions now isn't just effecting them but our ward and more importantly their small children. I think that is the hardest part for me is that if they don't realize the need for the gospel in their childrens lives that they will miss out on being with them for eternity! No offense, no inconvienence, pain, or sacrifice is too great to let your family escape your grasp for eternity. Sure it is hard to swallow pride, and forgive but not near as hard as not having your family for the rest of your exisitance! Please let go of offense or anything else. It isn't worth it!
Miracle: We were able to find a specific purpose to this area. Why we are in this companionship at this time in this area. WE are excited to find less active families to come back to our ward. It is such a small ward but has many members in the area. With God's guidance we will be so successful. It is Sister Folsom's last full transfer on her mission. She will go home the 1st of July. So we are making the most of it!
What's your miracle of the week?
Sister Pendleton

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