Monday, June 30, 2014

What Next?

Hey everyone!
Well this week has been exhausting and well I am just glad that it will be a new week. Sister Folsom goes home tomorrow and then it will just be me and SIster Youngberg for the next 4. We were able to go eat dinner with the mission president and his wife since Sister Folsom is going home. It was nice. Nice an cozy.
The biggest miracle of the week was that we found another person who came to church! Trust me going to church is the hardest thing to get a person to do. IF they can come to church than they will be the people who remain active in the church which is what we want right! The guy who went last week decided that he didn't want to come again. I know he will be prepared for a later time to accept the gospel. So James came to church after meeting us on the street. We were able to teach him and he was able to see how God has been an active role in his life but he doesn't understand why he is going through all the things he has gone through. He is one of the most humble people I know. I pray that he will continue to have his heart softened and will feel God's presence more fully in his life. He stayed for all 3 hours of church and seemed to enjoy it. We will find out next week though. We had many miracles this week but James is one of the more memorable ones. Although I really enjoy the small little tender mercies that GOd gives us. We were in meetings for 4 of the days last week and so total only 2 whole days to work but we were able to accomplish so much! I am so amazed at what God helps us to do!
WEll I hope that everyone is doing well. What are the miracles that you have seen this past week?
Love you all!
SIster Pendleton

Monday, June 23, 2014

no subject

I wish that I could just paste my journal entrys sometimes because that way you could have an idea of how many miracles we have seen this past week and how much love I have felt from God this last week. It was exhausting week but God was with us helping us the whole way. We went out to work Friday and we needed to teach someone and were praying so hard knowing that we couldn't teach if God didn't provide. All our plans had fallen through and it was just acting on faith. So we prayed dilligently and God provided. We went and tried a less active whom we had never met before and found someone who is looking for the truth. He came to church yesterday and is so open. I know that God lead us to him. I don't really have much time either so believe me when I say it was a miracle!

SIster Youngberg is our third comp until sister Folsom goes home next week. I am so sad about this but excited for her at the same time.  Sister Youngberg goes home at the end of this transfer and boy oh boy it is so weird to know a majority of the missionaries who are going home. It makes me realize that I really am not a new missionary any more. It is different. Time flys.

Well what miracles have you all seen thiss week? Love you all!

Sister Pendleton

Monday, June 16, 2014


Hey Everyone!

So this past week we found out about transfers....I am staying with Sister Folsom for her last two weeks of her mission and Sister Youngberg is joining us tomorrow. I am really excited about it all. We get to do 5 exchanges in the next two weeks and 3 this week. It is going to be a crazy week. I am excited to go see different areas though. I really love seeing different areas.

Well things continue to go well with all of our investigators. We taught the lady we found two or 3 weeks ago again. We hadn't been able to meet with her for a week or so and turns out she is getting grief from her family but the coolest part about it is that she is like "well I don't find any problems with it so far, and frankly I don't really care what the past is of the church....." she continues to tell us how she thinks it is so exciting that God speaks to us modernly. She is going to keep reading the Book of Mormon (which she is on 2Nephi) and learn more. We had DeeDee who is the recent Convert that Sister Folsom and I taught when I first came to Whittier. She is AWESOME! She told her how everyone gave her grief over learning but it has changed her and now everyone tells her that she is doing good things. Her temper is better and everything. Yep...The Gospel of Jesus Christ really helps everyone so much! I love it!
So in the very hispanic areas they have the street vendors selling corn and shaved ice. Sister Folsom and I tried the corn with everything on it. It was actually really good. I was impressed. We found a new person to teach as we got one too. I thought it worked out well.

What's new in your part of the world???
Oh funny joke, kinda. So When Sister Folsom and I first came to Whittier we were told it was the hottest place in the mission during the summer...we were both really glad cause we would both be gone by summer...hahah that is the joke cause I will be here for the next 3 months at least right during summer. Good thing I love Whittier!

Love you all!

Sister Pendleton  

Monday, June 9, 2014

This Week!

Hey again, it's me, out in California. It is currently a stark 85 degrees the day started out pretty gloomy but it has gotten a lot brighter. We went on a very nice run that actually occurs every morning and some fantastic studies in Alma and the 3rd lesson in Ch.3 in Preach My Gospel. You should all study that chapter it is great! then here comes the cool part the part that everyone is waiting for....MY EMAIL!!!! Hahaha....jk......but seriously......but really just kidding. We actually went and did some batting and catching with Dee Dee and Margarita and Sam and Aubrey(who was just a fan in her stroller cause she isn't even one yet). It was so much fun. Pictures should be attached.

This week was full of cockroaches. Turns out I don't do those types of bugs at all. I really don't like them. That is all that I will share because it was embarrassing what I actually did.

So we have continued to teach Lucy the lady from Kenya and she is just awesome! We love her a lot. We also started teaching a person who is homosexual. It is the coolest thing because as he has learned about the gospel he said that he recognizes that it isn't ordained of God, and that if he had enough support that he could change. He says it would be hard but he could do it. I love seeing the effect of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He talks about how he really has always wanted a family. The change will be difficult but he seems to think it will be worth it. I know that God will help him. I am really excited to see what happens.
Thanks for all the letters! You are great! Mom, there is a pkg in the mail for you, turns out I have had a present for you for months and I blew sending it to you on time. My bad! How was Cali for all that went???? I hope you all are planning on another trip next year so we can all come and enjoy the beach and everything else that is cool about Cali!

Love you all!
SIster Pendleton

Monday, June 2, 2014

This Past Week...

Hey everyone!

So I think I got only 10 minutes and there were so many things that I was going to tell you all! Well I will start with how we have found some people who are just hungry for the gospel. One lady is from Kenya. She is amazing. I love her fun loving attitude. Seriously she is great. She lives in a garage and everytime that we go see her she says "Welcome to my garage" jokingly and everything. So it is pretty funny. Super spirtual lady too. We met this past week with Elder Ballard and was able to shake his hand. He shook hands with 200 missionaries and me and Sister Folsom wonder how much hand sanitizer he uses daily? Interesting thought right? He told us basically that we need to talk with a lot of people and that we should never think that we aren't good enough. If we think that we don't know who or what we really are. I really like that. We went hiking again today and that was fun. 2 hikes and it is only June 2nd. Anyone else beat me on hikes thus far????

Glad Heather is okay and that everyone is helping out in the yard it looks great!

Got to go, but Happy Birthday to Dianna and Mom! Hope those who are in Cali are enjoying it!

Sister Pendleton