Monday, September 29, 2014

Basically October

So pretty much I loved the Womens broadcast!!!! It was so great! I am so excited to hear the Prophet this coming weekend. SO everything is going well and we are continuing to remember God and his Greatness. So we are seeing the blessings. Mark the guy we have been teaching is getting baptized this next Sunday and we are just so excited for him. He is truly dedicated I have never seen someone so humble and desireous to learn more. He is amazing! He has made a lot of changes in his life and he is fully devoted.
We are also teaching another lady that is cruising through the Book of Mormon. SHe loves it and everytime we stop at her house she has questions and wants to know what our beliefs are and how things apply! I am so excited to continue to teach her.
Greatest tender mercy of the week is that we were able to get as much done as we did. Both my companions have been a little ill. But we have been able to keep our appts and keep going. Lots of miracles.
I am obsessed with a talk by elder bednar about not shrinking and he says that we must drink the bitter cup without becoming bitter...such an interesting principle but so true.
Well love you all!
Sister Pendleton

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Miracle Week

So this past week it has just been full of miracles. So Sunday we met this guy Mark...actually we have met him before. About 2 months ago on a p-day we were walking through the dollar store and we passed him and he started talking with us. He decided he wanted to look into our religion more and well we got his information and we referred him to the elders that he lived in the area of. Well then they went over and he taught them the 1st lesson and he seemed super interested but his wife refused to let him learn more. Well come to find out he is divorcing his wife and has moved into our area and will do whatever it takes to get baptized. He has fallen out of the sky! It is crazy...Super glad that we were in the dollar store and so was he...He bore his testimony of the gospel to us on Sunday and that is remarkable.
Next we found this lady who we just about drove away from but I stopped the car and we went and talked with her. She is in the middle of 2 Nephi now and really finds the book really good. We meet with her tomorrow. She seems super prepared!
WE also got some investigators from the Spanish elders and they are full of questions. The 14 year old boy has debates at school about whether there is a God. Well I find that very impressive. So cool!
I love my companions and we are doing so well together! We are starting to laugh a lot more and come to find out people want to talk with you when you are laughing and having a good time! it is amazing!
Well we went to the temple today and it was just a really great day. Although God is going to have to give me some strength because I am super tired. My comps took a nap but I was too awake. It was interesting. Lots of things happening now.
HAPPY Birthday Conner and Anthony!!! I love you both!
Hopefully you will get a card soon...It is a struggle for me sometimes.
What is coopers email?
Well here are some pictures I guess you can see!


Here is some of the zone we work closely with from last transfer, and then here is my companions and another picture. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

1st week of Transfer

Well hello everyone I hope that everything is going well in that part of the Country you are in...It is so extremely hot here in Whittier I am actually very impressed by it all. So I don't know if I told you all or not but here is what I said when I came to Whittier last year...SO Sister Folsom told me that this would be the hottest place in the mission and we were going to be there through the winter and I was like I am so gratefull that that will happen because pretty much then it wouldn't matter where I am it will be cooler than in WHittier...Well God has a great sense of humur because here I was through the whole of Summer saying hey this isn't so bad I am okay with the fact that I am back because I love the Pickering ward...well little did I know that God had such a huge sense of humur because this past week has been hotter than the rest of the summer ever and it is onlysuppose to get hotter this week. No more comments about how I can handle the heat...the only blessing is is that our new companion isn't allowed to ride a bike so we have the car...Although I am not sure if that is a good thing seeing as it takes away needed exercise to balacnce the amt of food people expect you to eat. I am not joking some of the members expect us to eat a lot...and then have seconds...gratefully I can run. :) God always sends us Tender Mercies and allows us to be blessed! I love our new companion Sister Redger...she is quite hilarious and always uses the word delightful so I wouldn't be surprised if I end up using that word a lot soon. We shall see I am trying to resist it.
The work is getting better...improving each week. The ward is good. We are having a difficult time with members actually applying the doctrine which they know to be true. Thus we need works. Nothing shows that you truly understand the gospel as when you apply it. I am working on the application as well...just differently. We all need that help and a deeper conversion.
Well God is in the details of our lives this I know to be true. I see Him all the time. Even when it is a joke at my expense....I know that there is a greater purpose for me being in Whittier and is an answer to my prayers!
Love you all!
Sister Pendleton

Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey everyone,
So this last transfer has taught me the great importance of communication and humility and patience and love and faith and well I could keep going. It has been so interesting. I love Sister Henderson a lot. She is one of the greatest people ever. She is a lot like me actually. She is 21 and when I was 21 I imagine myself to be just like her. So It has been really intersting. We get a long great but we need to be better communicators and recognize that this definitly isn't our work. Well...I can't even tell you how much it has pained me that it took me so long to learn the things that I needed to learn. Really, I wonder why I couldn't have learned things faster or why I was so prideful or hard hearted to not learn lessons sooner...It has just been so great to recognize how merciful the Lord is to me and how He hasn't given up on me which is so great!!! I am so grateful for the Mercy that is provided through the great plan of salvation. It was really good good to learn. Now I know that I must be much more patient and loving with the people around me because if God gave me mercy then the people around me deserve my mercy even more so.
So this transfer is ending and we are starting up a new one...Sister Henderson and I are still together and I get to have another transfer in the Pickering ward. tHis will mean that this is my 6th transfer in this area! I will hit my year mark in the same place I started out in!!! SO COOL! I love the ward and something that is so extra cool is that when I got here a year ago the ward averaged 50 people at church each week...we are not up to the high 70's to 80's....It is so good to see the improvement! I love it! God in his great mercy has been helping this ward grow and gain strength. I hope that it continues to grow. we are focusing on a lot of the Less actives. Especially since the 1st presidency message is kinda scary to be fidling around now. We need to prepare and spiritually is very important!
Well....great things are happening out here and I am still seeing the Lords hand all over. I hope that you see them too!
Love you all!
Sister Pendleton

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sept 1, Labor Day!!!


So this past week has a very interesting week. I have been humbled quite a bit. I am determined to become a better person and not so caught up in myself. Turns out you stop relying on God and you fall on your face. Hard. And then He continues to send you signs of His love. Like Those of whom He loves He chastens. Well, So I fell on my face (figuratively) and knew that what I had done wasn't the best thing in the world but then I got my prayers answered. It was really cool. I know that God loves us and that He is aware of all of the things that are going on. 

So cool some less active members that we have been working with seemed to be the theme of the week to answer prayers. She was talking with us about how the last two weeks have been really hard. Especially since she has resolved to go back to church. Satan has hit her with the best of his best and she knows though that she has a greater purpose and that is why Satan has hit her so hard. So we show up at her house and she wasn't even in the plans to go see so we show up and start talking with her and all she can say is this is so weird. I mean it it isn't weird but it is weird. God always places people in my path just when I need them. Just when He knows it will make a difference. We talked about God and His love for each of us and it was the coolest thing ever! I love being someones answer to their prayers and have decided that that is what I am going to focus on for a while. 

Well I hope this all makes sense cause I can't really fix it now because Labor day means short on time and Computers. Hope all is well...Whats the miracle in your week???

Love Sister Pendleton

Service and some fun!

 Service we did as a zone this past week. Did so much! So excited about it!
Found crystal glasses in the apt we live in it was great!