Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey everyone,
So this last transfer has taught me the great importance of communication and humility and patience and love and faith and well I could keep going. It has been so interesting. I love Sister Henderson a lot. She is one of the greatest people ever. She is a lot like me actually. She is 21 and when I was 21 I imagine myself to be just like her. So It has been really intersting. We get a long great but we need to be better communicators and recognize that this definitly isn't our work. Well...I can't even tell you how much it has pained me that it took me so long to learn the things that I needed to learn. Really, I wonder why I couldn't have learned things faster or why I was so prideful or hard hearted to not learn lessons sooner...It has just been so great to recognize how merciful the Lord is to me and how He hasn't given up on me which is so great!!! I am so grateful for the Mercy that is provided through the great plan of salvation. It was really good good to learn. Now I know that I must be much more patient and loving with the people around me because if God gave me mercy then the people around me deserve my mercy even more so.
So this transfer is ending and we are starting up a new one...Sister Henderson and I are still together and I get to have another transfer in the Pickering ward. tHis will mean that this is my 6th transfer in this area! I will hit my year mark in the same place I started out in!!! SO COOL! I love the ward and something that is so extra cool is that when I got here a year ago the ward averaged 50 people at church each week...we are not up to the high 70's to 80's....It is so good to see the improvement! I love it! God in his great mercy has been helping this ward grow and gain strength. I hope that it continues to grow. we are focusing on a lot of the Less actives. Especially since the 1st presidency message is kinda scary to be fidling around now. We need to prepare and spiritually is very important!
Well....great things are happening out here and I am still seeing the Lords hand all over. I hope that you see them too!
Love you all!
Sister Pendleton

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