Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Miracle Week

So this past week it has just been full of miracles. So Sunday we met this guy Mark...actually we have met him before. About 2 months ago on a p-day we were walking through the dollar store and we passed him and he started talking with us. He decided he wanted to look into our religion more and well we got his information and we referred him to the elders that he lived in the area of. Well then they went over and he taught them the 1st lesson and he seemed super interested but his wife refused to let him learn more. Well come to find out he is divorcing his wife and has moved into our area and will do whatever it takes to get baptized. He has fallen out of the sky! It is crazy...Super glad that we were in the dollar store and so was he...He bore his testimony of the gospel to us on Sunday and that is remarkable.
Next we found this lady who we just about drove away from but I stopped the car and we went and talked with her. She is in the middle of 2 Nephi now and really finds the book really good. We meet with her tomorrow. She seems super prepared!
WE also got some investigators from the Spanish elders and they are full of questions. The 14 year old boy has debates at school about whether there is a God. Well I find that very impressive. So cool!
I love my companions and we are doing so well together! We are starting to laugh a lot more and come to find out people want to talk with you when you are laughing and having a good time! it is amazing!
Well we went to the temple today and it was just a really great day. Although God is going to have to give me some strength because I am super tired. My comps took a nap but I was too awake. It was interesting. Lots of things happening now.
HAPPY Birthday Conner and Anthony!!! I love you both!
Hopefully you will get a card soon...It is a struggle for me sometimes.
What is coopers email?
Well here are some pictures I guess you can see!

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