Monday, July 28, 2014

Eternal Perspective

So this week I have been completely shambocked by a member in our ward. SHe is going through some very difficult things in her life with her husband. I won't tell you all the details but I will tell you whoat I would have liked to do in her situation...Divorce him, remove all visitation rights and never talk with him again. Not even a second chance would I offer. IT is bad....What is this member doing???
Well she has decided that when she was married in the temple that she decided that her marriage was for eternity. That there would be nothing that would stop her from being with him. He has his agency yes, but she believes that as she is patient and assists him in his recovery and loves him that this challenge will pass. She is annoyed with everyone in the church telling her to divorce him. She is very sad that people aren't more supportive of her choices. All she is trying to do is be Christ like and look at the eternal perspective. She talked with us all about her situation and how she was a convert yet many people just believe that divorce is all there is.
Now what a humbling situation. I definitely believe that prayer is a huge part to know if divorce is suppose to happen but what a realization. In the Eternal perspective the challenges we all face is but a moment. To give up on people we once loved so quickly to replace eternity is crazy to think about. She has taught me so much with that conversation. No one would judge her for having hard feelings towards her husband but everyone judges her for forgiving and letting go to assist and ask for assistance in letting go. She isn't looking at what he is but what he can become. I admire her and feel very humbled and now have to repent for my not correct beliefs of marriage. ..
So this week has been a crazy week. I get to have a new companion! I get 6 weeks more in Whittier I am so excited about it! I love this ward!
Got to go but what are your miracles this week?
Sister Pendleton 

Monday, July 21, 2014

OH NO!!!!

Well, that is the saddest thing in the world. I hope that you are able to save something from the fires.
  [in Washington] I will just share one thing because I am short on time today. I was in church yesterday, just reflecting on the week and all our efforts with Less actives investigators and people in general. Everyone is going through a hard time it seems like, but as I was getting really sad the spirit was able to come and testify to me that God is more powerful than Satan. That He really is in control that the good does win and that people will change and God is preparing a way for everyone to come closer to him. Well during Church my spirits were lifted and we were able to go later that night and find a street with didn't think exsisted and as well as to find someone who God has been preparing to accept the gospel. It was miraculous! I love the Lord. I know that he is with you all now as you are trying to figure out what to do about Methow. I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is always brighter than what we ever expect.
I know that this is super short but I love you all. I can't even believe that all this has appened. I will be praying for you all.
Sister Pendleton

Monday, July 14, 2014

This week of crazyness

Hey everyone!
So super exciting news! We are teaching someone who I taught when I first came. She needs the gospel and God is guiding us to her and her to us. I can't even tell you how scared I was to go see her again, She is really nice its just I don't know...I was scared which I have come to discover that that is when I need to do things. So we did and she committed to read pray and come to church! Huge step! I am praying like crazy for her now. And we went by a less active that has been on my mind forever and what happened!!! He wants to come back. I love it when they have the desires. I love the miracles that occur. I wasn't quite expecting him to come out and state his desires. He told us some of his dilemas but with prayers and patience he will come back! His family is pretty awesome too. We need to build up the ward. Each week at church it always reminds me how much the ward needs our help and needs members to get over their offenses and support their beliefs. Like Uncle Dick said not let others determine their salvation. Enduring to the end is huge and God really wants to bless us. Why would we stop those blessings from coming just because someone else said something inconsiderate? I am excited for the progress that is happening.
Well I will count this as a tender mercy. I was in Lakewood with another sister and we decided to knock on a door. Well the guy is sitting on his couch and he goes to get up...I had a premonition that he might not be I look away and stare at Sister Le the guy starts closing the door and says hold on let me put away the dogs...well I had seen enough to know he didn't have a shirt on, and then....3 minutes later he comes to the door with clothes on and the dogs at his side and me and sister Le look down at the dogs and he's like oh they must have gotten out....yep....don't worry the spirit is with us to know how to discern truth and when to look the other way. I don't care that he lied to us about putting the dogs away because the better part is that he was clothed and I wasn't scarred. I do not have a desire to be one of the sister missionaries who had the door answered by a naked person. The end.
Love you all! Have are great week! Tell me about the miracles you saw!
Sister Pendleton  

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July

Hey everyone!
The Fourth came and went and the Lord was so nice to us. We were suppose to be on exchanges but the sister was sick so we went down to help them a little in their time of need and on the way back up to Whittier we were able to see all of the fireworks celebrating the freedoms we have, the country we live in and it just warmed my heart. There are no fireworks allowed in the city of Whittier so it was only through this small tender mercy that me and my companion were able to see fireworks and boy they were beautiful. They were everywhere. I understand why they aren't allowed in the city of old homes that they want to keep historic, I am just so glad that God knows the little things that make a difference in our lives that we don't realize until it occurs.
Well we went to the temple today and that is why I am writing a day later than usual. I am so grateful for that opportunity. I am blessed. This past week I had a super huge spiritual moment. Margaret, a member Sister Folsom and I started working with when I first came out had had a rough week and knew she needed help. She needed an up lift. While we were visitin I asked her if she wanted to bare her testimony the next day in sacrement and she said yes. So I helped her write out a brief testimony. She can't really speak. She has cerebral palsy. so She was going to go up and stand next to me while I shared her feelings. What a great opportunity it was for me to be apart of this experiance. I was so touched. The spirit was super strong testifying of her simple beliefs. I will definitely hold that experiance close to me forever.
I loved the miracles you all shared with me. Thanks Ken for sharing that experiance with me from Uncle Dick. That is so cool.
D&C 35 talks about how We are all meant for something greater than we can comprehend. Don't let anything else stop you from accomplishing it.
Love you all! What was your miracle this week?
Sister Pendleton