Monday, July 28, 2014

Eternal Perspective

So this week I have been completely shambocked by a member in our ward. SHe is going through some very difficult things in her life with her husband. I won't tell you all the details but I will tell you whoat I would have liked to do in her situation...Divorce him, remove all visitation rights and never talk with him again. Not even a second chance would I offer. IT is bad....What is this member doing???
Well she has decided that when she was married in the temple that she decided that her marriage was for eternity. That there would be nothing that would stop her from being with him. He has his agency yes, but she believes that as she is patient and assists him in his recovery and loves him that this challenge will pass. She is annoyed with everyone in the church telling her to divorce him. She is very sad that people aren't more supportive of her choices. All she is trying to do is be Christ like and look at the eternal perspective. She talked with us all about her situation and how she was a convert yet many people just believe that divorce is all there is.
Now what a humbling situation. I definitely believe that prayer is a huge part to know if divorce is suppose to happen but what a realization. In the Eternal perspective the challenges we all face is but a moment. To give up on people we once loved so quickly to replace eternity is crazy to think about. She has taught me so much with that conversation. No one would judge her for having hard feelings towards her husband but everyone judges her for forgiving and letting go to assist and ask for assistance in letting go. She isn't looking at what he is but what he can become. I admire her and feel very humbled and now have to repent for my not correct beliefs of marriage. ..
So this week has been a crazy week. I get to have a new companion! I get 6 weeks more in Whittier I am so excited about it! I love this ward!
Got to go but what are your miracles this week?
Sister Pendleton 

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