Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July

Hey everyone!
The Fourth came and went and the Lord was so nice to us. We were suppose to be on exchanges but the sister was sick so we went down to help them a little in their time of need and on the way back up to Whittier we were able to see all of the fireworks celebrating the freedoms we have, the country we live in and it just warmed my heart. There are no fireworks allowed in the city of Whittier so it was only through this small tender mercy that me and my companion were able to see fireworks and boy they were beautiful. They were everywhere. I understand why they aren't allowed in the city of old homes that they want to keep historic, I am just so glad that God knows the little things that make a difference in our lives that we don't realize until it occurs.
Well we went to the temple today and that is why I am writing a day later than usual. I am so grateful for that opportunity. I am blessed. This past week I had a super huge spiritual moment. Margaret, a member Sister Folsom and I started working with when I first came out had had a rough week and knew she needed help. She needed an up lift. While we were visitin I asked her if she wanted to bare her testimony the next day in sacrement and she said yes. So I helped her write out a brief testimony. She can't really speak. She has cerebral palsy. so She was going to go up and stand next to me while I shared her feelings. What a great opportunity it was for me to be apart of this experiance. I was so touched. The spirit was super strong testifying of her simple beliefs. I will definitely hold that experiance close to me forever.
I loved the miracles you all shared with me. Thanks Ken for sharing that experiance with me from Uncle Dick. That is so cool.
D&C 35 talks about how We are all meant for something greater than we can comprehend. Don't let anything else stop you from accomplishing it.
Love you all! What was your miracle this week?
Sister Pendleton

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