Monday, June 30, 2014

What Next?

Hey everyone!
Well this week has been exhausting and well I am just glad that it will be a new week. Sister Folsom goes home tomorrow and then it will just be me and SIster Youngberg for the next 4. We were able to go eat dinner with the mission president and his wife since Sister Folsom is going home. It was nice. Nice an cozy.
The biggest miracle of the week was that we found another person who came to church! Trust me going to church is the hardest thing to get a person to do. IF they can come to church than they will be the people who remain active in the church which is what we want right! The guy who went last week decided that he didn't want to come again. I know he will be prepared for a later time to accept the gospel. So James came to church after meeting us on the street. We were able to teach him and he was able to see how God has been an active role in his life but he doesn't understand why he is going through all the things he has gone through. He is one of the most humble people I know. I pray that he will continue to have his heart softened and will feel God's presence more fully in his life. He stayed for all 3 hours of church and seemed to enjoy it. We will find out next week though. We had many miracles this week but James is one of the more memorable ones. Although I really enjoy the small little tender mercies that GOd gives us. We were in meetings for 4 of the days last week and so total only 2 whole days to work but we were able to accomplish so much! I am so amazed at what God helps us to do!
WEll I hope that everyone is doing well. What are the miracles that you have seen this past week?
Love you all!
SIster Pendleton

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