Monday, June 2, 2014

This Past Week...

Hey everyone!

So I think I got only 10 minutes and there were so many things that I was going to tell you all! Well I will start with how we have found some people who are just hungry for the gospel. One lady is from Kenya. She is amazing. I love her fun loving attitude. Seriously she is great. She lives in a garage and everytime that we go see her she says "Welcome to my garage" jokingly and everything. So it is pretty funny. Super spirtual lady too. We met this past week with Elder Ballard and was able to shake his hand. He shook hands with 200 missionaries and me and Sister Folsom wonder how much hand sanitizer he uses daily? Interesting thought right? He told us basically that we need to talk with a lot of people and that we should never think that we aren't good enough. If we think that we don't know who or what we really are. I really like that. We went hiking again today and that was fun. 2 hikes and it is only June 2nd. Anyone else beat me on hikes thus far????

Glad Heather is okay and that everyone is helping out in the yard it looks great!

Got to go, but Happy Birthday to Dianna and Mom! Hope those who are in Cali are enjoying it!

Sister Pendleton

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