Monday, June 23, 2014

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I wish that I could just paste my journal entrys sometimes because that way you could have an idea of how many miracles we have seen this past week and how much love I have felt from God this last week. It was exhausting week but God was with us helping us the whole way. We went out to work Friday and we needed to teach someone and were praying so hard knowing that we couldn't teach if God didn't provide. All our plans had fallen through and it was just acting on faith. So we prayed dilligently and God provided. We went and tried a less active whom we had never met before and found someone who is looking for the truth. He came to church yesterday and is so open. I know that God lead us to him. I don't really have much time either so believe me when I say it was a miracle!

SIster Youngberg is our third comp until sister Folsom goes home next week. I am so sad about this but excited for her at the same time.  Sister Youngberg goes home at the end of this transfer and boy oh boy it is so weird to know a majority of the missionaries who are going home. It makes me realize that I really am not a new missionary any more. It is different. Time flys.

Well what miracles have you all seen thiss week? Love you all!

Sister Pendleton

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