Monday, July 14, 2014

This week of crazyness

Hey everyone!
So super exciting news! We are teaching someone who I taught when I first came. She needs the gospel and God is guiding us to her and her to us. I can't even tell you how scared I was to go see her again, She is really nice its just I don't know...I was scared which I have come to discover that that is when I need to do things. So we did and she committed to read pray and come to church! Huge step! I am praying like crazy for her now. And we went by a less active that has been on my mind forever and what happened!!! He wants to come back. I love it when they have the desires. I love the miracles that occur. I wasn't quite expecting him to come out and state his desires. He told us some of his dilemas but with prayers and patience he will come back! His family is pretty awesome too. We need to build up the ward. Each week at church it always reminds me how much the ward needs our help and needs members to get over their offenses and support their beliefs. Like Uncle Dick said not let others determine their salvation. Enduring to the end is huge and God really wants to bless us. Why would we stop those blessings from coming just because someone else said something inconsiderate? I am excited for the progress that is happening.
Well I will count this as a tender mercy. I was in Lakewood with another sister and we decided to knock on a door. Well the guy is sitting on his couch and he goes to get up...I had a premonition that he might not be I look away and stare at Sister Le the guy starts closing the door and says hold on let me put away the dogs...well I had seen enough to know he didn't have a shirt on, and then....3 minutes later he comes to the door with clothes on and the dogs at his side and me and sister Le look down at the dogs and he's like oh they must have gotten out....yep....don't worry the spirit is with us to know how to discern truth and when to look the other way. I don't care that he lied to us about putting the dogs away because the better part is that he was clothed and I wasn't scarred. I do not have a desire to be one of the sister missionaries who had the door answered by a naked person. The end.
Love you all! Have are great week! Tell me about the miracles you saw!
Sister Pendleton  

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