Monday, September 1, 2014

Sept 1, Labor Day!!!


So this past week has a very interesting week. I have been humbled quite a bit. I am determined to become a better person and not so caught up in myself. Turns out you stop relying on God and you fall on your face. Hard. And then He continues to send you signs of His love. Like Those of whom He loves He chastens. Well, So I fell on my face (figuratively) and knew that what I had done wasn't the best thing in the world but then I got my prayers answered. It was really cool. I know that God loves us and that He is aware of all of the things that are going on. 

So cool some less active members that we have been working with seemed to be the theme of the week to answer prayers. She was talking with us about how the last two weeks have been really hard. Especially since she has resolved to go back to church. Satan has hit her with the best of his best and she knows though that she has a greater purpose and that is why Satan has hit her so hard. So we show up at her house and she wasn't even in the plans to go see so we show up and start talking with her and all she can say is this is so weird. I mean it it isn't weird but it is weird. God always places people in my path just when I need them. Just when He knows it will make a difference. We talked about God and His love for each of us and it was the coolest thing ever! I love being someones answer to their prayers and have decided that that is what I am going to focus on for a while. 

Well I hope this all makes sense cause I can't really fix it now because Labor day means short on time and Computers. Hope all is well...Whats the miracle in your week???

Love Sister Pendleton

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