Monday, May 5, 2014

Transfers are Here!

Well, here we go moving again! This transfer I am leaving the Cerritos area. It is slightly sad. I am going to miss so many people. I have really come to love these people and am sad, but am excited that I will be in the same country as them all and that California is so close. Sister Tumurbaatar is staying here and she is slightly nervous but she is going to do awesome! 
I am going back to Whittier. To the exact same ward as I was in before! With the same exact companion! This was so unexpected that I am still in shock. But I am a-okay with it all! Got to go figure out what I didn't will be an adventure! 
So my birthday was a birthday in the mission field. I was able to go to lunch with a member whom I love, and then I was able to go  to a Less active and well it really was a normal missionary day since well I am a missionary :) But here are some fun pictures from my birthday! 
Biggest miracle of the week was finding a new person to teach. He has always heard bad things about the church but hasn't ever believed them and has been praying about finding out more about the church. Well he now has the opportunity to learn more. We helped him recognize the Holy Spirit and I have decided that that is my most favorite thing in the world! Helping people recognize God's love for them. It always is so rewarding. When things just click and they become so happy when they feel the spirit. It really is like a piece of Heaven here on earth. well Mom I look forward to talking with you and the family this mothers day. 

Love you all

Sister Pendleton

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