Monday, April 28, 2014

You have Cows???

Wow! Pretty much I am so impressed that you got cows!!! So did I ever tell you my dream about milking a cow? I know it is similar to a goat but I really want to milk a cow. Will you keep her for the next year so that way I can come home and milk a cow???

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Mom I would love some music that are gospel, such as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Mens voices, or Mercy River, or David Archaletta (how ever you spell his name) and really anything like that.

This past week we did mormon helping hands! Did any of you do that??? It was fun we did hygiene kits for the homeless. The rest of the ward built a ramp for someone on their house and did something else on the other house. I never heard of Mormon helping hands days when I was in Utah, so was I just out of the loop? 

Transfers are next week and my comp is a little scared about what is going to happen. Her language is coming along but oh boy, she wasn't feeling the best about speaking English when we went and met with a less active who is a little brash and honest up front like. Well, she got done talking and the less active looked at her and said "I couldn't understand a word of what you said" She was so surprised and frankly so was I, and I just thought well there is insult to injury right there. But fortunately we have awesome members who helped her feel much better about life! I am interested to know what will happen this upcoming transfer. I just feel like a lot of changes will be coming...and we are only getting 4 new sisters. One is from Haiti and the other 3 are Americans. It will be interesting. It was so funny though cause we made Mongolian food for a member and it didn't come out like it was suppose to and Sister T was so ashamed. You know how you try to tell people that the food is okay even when it isn't??? Well, the member took a bite and his face just gave it all away and I couldn't help but keep laughing the rest of the day because it was the funniest facial expression. And honestly the food wasn't bad at all. It just needed salt and ketchup to make it edible! Just kidding, it really was edible. She had made better before though. Part of the reason was that it was bulk instead of feeding just the two of us. But she learned the word persecute and she kept telling me that I was persecuting her. It was fun.  I like her a lot. 

Miracle for the week was that we were able to help one of our agnostic members recognize the spirit. It was amazing! The spirit was so strong and I just thank Our Father in Heaven for the tender mercies that he gives us on a daily basis! 
What miracles did you see this week?

Love you all!
Sister Pendleton

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