Monday, April 21, 2014


Hey Everyone,
So yesterday I kinda forgot that Easter back home consisted of more than going to church. Until a member brought us Easter baskets and then I remembered. Not for long though. It is funny that I forgot though seeing as that has been a huge tradition in our family for so long. Ah, well, it was nice because we were able to share an Easter based message with 3 different families who we came in contact with. I don't feel that I used Easter to it's fullest while proselyting.
We are so blessed out here. We had zone conference on Saturday. They focused on trying to get us to say more doctrine and cut out the "fluff". This is when I realize that I talk a lot, and most of the things I have to say are fluff. Haha, so as I practice this I will basically be learning how to stop talking. We also learned about how important the Book of Mormon is. It is always strengthening my testimony when we talk about the Book of Mormon. I love it. Sister T and I always try to find answers through praying over it and then just opening the book. Seriously, it has worked every time. It is amazing!
Well I have continued to study the Plan of Salvation and how Christ is Risen. What it means to me. I am coming to understand so much more about God's purpose for us, and what I can do to help Him. I would encourage everyone to study that more. It definitely has brought me more peace as I have studied it. 
I now can sing Happy Birthday in Samoan, French, Mongolian, and English. By the time I get back I will be quite a linguistic person! JK.
Love you all
Sister Pendleton

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