Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Hello everyone!

Happy Memorial Day!

So this has been one of the best days of my life on my mission in the category of preparation days. We went hiking today!!!!! It was the best thing in the world! I loved it so much. I am currently super sweaty and need a shower as I email but it's okay because Sister Folsom and I went hiking! We now have plans to go hiking like every p-day. I think I might survive the summer :)
This past week was so cool! We did an exchange with the Sisters from my last area. Well, I went back with my old companion, Sister T and was able to see the area and seriously in 3 weeks things have changed! Everyone we began working with have continued to progress. It is amazing! It was so cool. It was a really long week and we have been trying to talk with everyone. I think Whittier has one of the most populated areas in our mission that people are actually out and about walking so we can talk with them. No where else that I have been have had so many people. Well, after a very long week of contacting everyone we were tired not wanting to talk to people and so last night we had to make a decision about whether to go talk to a lady or get in our car. Thankfully we made the right decision and talked with her. She told us how she was wanting to build a relationship with God and didn't really know how to start. It was so cool! We had a great lesson with her and she seem soooo interested! Sister Folsom and I were so humbled and so glad that we kept talking with everyone. That miracle just makes up for the really exhausting week we had.

What has your miracle been for the week?

Sister Pendleton

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