Monday, January 12, 2015


Hey everyone! 

So this transfer I got released as an STL and am now training! I am so excited! I am so happy about it! It means that I get to see great miracles and rely on God's hand and trust that this is His work. I am so excited! I told my mission president all the time that he should let me train and amazingly God decided to let me! It was actually really funny because my comp and I both made requests. I wanted to train and She wanted to be with Sister Anderson and stay in her ward, but President Tew called us into his office like two weeks ago and let us know what would be happening this transfer. We didn't really believe him until it actually happened though because last time he told me something that would happen before transfers when transfers came it was all switched up. So it was so great that it actually all happened! So I will be getting a new missionary tomorrow and start on a new journey. She is so lucky to be coming into this area. We have some baptisms all set up and they look they will actually happen. One of the people we are teaching has been progressing so well. She got her answer and came to a baptism Saturday and she felt the spirit so much and she just knows it is true and she wants to tell everyone that this is what she is going to be doing! She felt the spirit and it caused her to tear up which was really cute to me because just the other day she was like "I don't get it. I don't understand why these people start crying randomly and I just want to tell them that it is okay." It was something like that. but then she finally understood. And she got all teary. She is set, now all we have to do is help her to live the commandments. The same day that she got her answer she decided that when she goes out with her friends she will have to be the DD. It is so great! Just what the gospel does for people. All through the simple things in life. I am so excited for her and her family. 
The ward is very sad to see Sister Correa leave. And well she is a great missionary so it is sad to see her leave. They are even sadder to hear they get a missionary with no experience. But for me I know that this is God's work. Even with my experience I couldn't get this work to go forward if it was all up to me. I am excited to see the work that God will do. Often times I just wish that I wasn't so experienced because the spirit is so much stronger with those missionaries because well God needs to make up the difference. And well in all reality I don't really with that I was new again, but I wish I wasn't so prideful and rely on God more. That is really what it comes down to. And that is what I am learning lately. God makes up the difference as I try and do my best. That is how we found Luigi and that is how we help others come to Christ. All through Him. 

Well I have an announcement to make! 
If you were planning on coming out and getting me, just know if you come to my departure fireside I would love it but our mission president told us that we can't go with you until Tuesday morning. Like stay with you are what not. We could have meals with you and what not but I would just have to stay with my comp until Tuesday morning when she would get her next companion. So ya know...hope that is clear!

Love you all!
What miracles are happening to you?
Sister Pendleton  

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