Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 1 for Training!

Well I got my new missionary. Her name is Sister Harrison. She is super cute. She is from Texas and is just super cute. She kinda got tossed into a great teaching pool. This past week we taught a lot of lessons and she has held up so well with all the stress and everything. I am so excited to be her companion. 
This past week we once again saw a lot of miracles happen especially with the guy that we are teaching. He is super funny and he has almost stopped swearing. When he found out that Sister Correa was leaving tuesday night he sent one more text and in this text he swore. Well without thinking I read the text outloud because that is what we do to make sure that everyone knows what is going on. Well I read the bad word as well and Sister Correa was about dead laughing at me. She was literally crying because she was laughing so hard. I think that it was almost worth it. I have never seen her cry ever so even though it was tears of something close to joy it was almost worth it. 

My new missionary is full of faith and is anxious to do some tracting and contacting people around us. We haven't done much of it because we have been teaching a lot but I think that soon she will know just how lucky she is to be teaching so much. However we will need to find more people to teach. miracle people so that she can begin to see the miracle of finding people. We have been getting referrals as well and that is exciting! 

One of our investigators who is planning on getting baptized the end of February had her brother who was 17 over. We taught them all the law of Chastity. It was the best lesson of my life! I can't even tell you how great this lesson was. I laughed because the first time he meets mormon missionaries he was taught our standard of Chastity. He will never forget us I am sure!!!!

Well love you all! 

Sister Pendleton

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