Monday, February 2, 2015


Can you believe that it is already February???? Yeah neither can I but that is totally okay! Lots of things are happening this upcoming month. We have a baptism and we are going to reach some pretty high goals.

I love that EVERYONE tells me not to get too trunky and then asks me when I am going to come home, and what not. Other questions. Hahahaha, how could I not!!! Just kidding, actually I kind of just forget that I am coming home and really it is like forever away. I am also maybe experiencing denial of some sort, and well maybe I have just gone so long without real life that I don't know what to even day dream about!

So with all these barriers I don't think that I am. Plus I am with a new missionary. I am trying to help prepare her for the next it is almost like I have 18 months to go....until the members ask us how long we have been out and her 3 weeks is a stark difference to my 16 months now. Yeah...that is a significant time diference.

So this past week was crazy! We have definitely been doing some good work. Our investigators are coming along. Louis who doesn't believe in God, well he fasted, he doesn't think that it is that huge but it is...and well....Sister Harrison is doing great!

We found this guy and then he dropped us and then well we were trying his next door neighbor who is a member, and we saw his grandpa struggling to get back to the house. He was stuck next to a car. Not able to move. He was probably late 70s and so we stopped to help him and it took us 20 to 30 minutes to just get him from the end of his driveway to the house. His hip was grinding together. So my comp goes to the door and yells for his grandson to come help and he totally ignores us. Until she sounded desperate. Made me think of an old time show. But he came out and well...lets just say I am not impressed with this 22 yr old boy. He has a lot of growing up to do.

Well, love you all!

SIster Pendleton

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