Monday, February 23, 2015


Hello my family and friends!

Well, this past week more miracles have occurred. I can't say that they will ever stop because well this is God's work and nothing can stop it. I have been reading about President Wilford Wodruff...He testified of this great work and how it will never stop. Honestly it is actually amazing that this church hasn't stopped when considering it's history. But God has protected it. It gives me great hope and comfort knowing that I can't screw that up as a missionary. I am actually amazed at all the things that I have discovered about the prophets and just how cool they really are!

So I have to say that My comp chopped her hair all off!!! Hahahaha I encouraged her to...I thought it would be good for her to start new. She looks cute with it. Good thing though cause I would have felt aweful had it not turned out so well. Good thing it grows...but yeah. I thought about cutting my hair as well. But I just am not quite ready for that yet.

Well, I have 6 weeks left. After this email you will only receive 6 more...that is a weird thought for sure..Crazy!

Well this past week we met a lady and she told us how she just feels like it is time to change. She wants to changer her life completely now. Well lucky for her the Gospel is all about change. We love change! If we aren't changing than we aren't doing it right. I hope that I have changed a lot!

Love you all!

Sister Pendleton

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