Monday, March 2, 2015



So this past week we were able to have a baptism. Deziree was baptized on Saturday! It was so good. Her husband has been very supportive of her and her husbands family as well. He own family didn't come and that was a bummer for her. She was beaming though when she was confirmed. It was awesome in church we got see her go up and bare her testimony. It was awesome! So simple, but so powerful. She was referred to us by a member, and it was awesome because she told him thanks even though at first she wasn't really happy about it. Now she is very thankful for it. It was a good dose of missionary work for the ward and how they should do missionary work. Then we get to talk next week about missionary work. I am excited about it. :)

Last night we met/found a man who pulled his records from the church. It was very sad. I wanted to cry and almost started crying for him. He was very active, he bore his testimony to us about how he knows the church is true. What held him back was that the people weren't helping him, he was trying to help the people within his realm of influence and no one would help him. He is very bitter with some bishops and other leaders about the lack of support. He knows he will come back, he told us of his manifestations that he was able to have due to his faith. He has looked into other churches but they are not what Christ would teach. This church is the closest he has found. I couldn't believe that, he was a member of the 70 at one time. I was amazed and realized just how close we have to watch ourselves and nurture and apply the atonement in our lives daily. That we must forgive people of their weaknesses, and we must forgive ourselves, but to not give up. I can't even tell you the feeling of sorrow that occurred as we talked. I could feel that God had a great work for this man, but he had walked away. We invited him to come back, to forgive, to read the Book of Mormon more in his life. He said he wasn't ready. We told him of the hastening of the work, that now was the time to prepare. That he couldn't waste more time, but begin his journey back. I pray that he will. I couldn't believe what had happened...It was crazy!

Well...I hope that you all know and understand the atonement of Christ isn't just to forgive us but to help us forgive others. To bind not split. To build not tear apart. I hope that if you have something against another person that you start the process of forgiveness now. Don't wait, don't waste precious time!

Love you all!

Sister Pendleton

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