Monday, March 16, 2015

Email 1/4

Well in case you are wondering this is how I will be titling the last of my emails to you all. So this past week it finally hit me that I only have 3 weeks left. That is weird. That is weird weird weird. Oh well, I will soon forget. In the ups and downs of a missionary day days seem like weeks, weeks seem like months and well 3 months left...what a long time!

So this past week we went to this historical park that we will be volunteering for to help catalog and what not. It was awesome. They gave us a complete tour. It was beautiful. I felt like I was up in Idaho with Grandma walking around all the places getting shown how things use to be. I like history. we didn't have our cameras though, so we don't have pictures of it at all. Sorry, we were so sad about not having our cameras, but we will try to another day when we are there.

It has gotten so hot here! Got up to 92 degrees! Yeah, that was miserable but at the same time it just makes me antsy and want to be out side. I am so white. While my comp came out sooooo white and now has some color I am losing all my color. I will be pale when I come back I am sure. But life isn't about the vain things...mostly....

Miracles this week have been really great!
The biggest tender mercy has been how Deziree, who just got baptized, moved out of the ward and then the ward over there helped her move in, and was really involved. It is of great help that she will be well taken care of!

Another miracle: I found someone who was able to find a cello for me to play at my fireside!!! Yes not missionary really related, but definitely wonderful and a miracle!

Well Love you all!

Sister Pendleton
p.s. So ya know I will be coming home the 8th or 9th of April. It just depends on Michelle :) My talk in sacrament will be on the 19th of April as far as I am aware!

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