Monday, March 9, 2015

Last Month

So This is the start of my last 30 days....nope I am not counting but my dear Sis-in-Law just emailed me letting me know that I have that many days...well to be honest it was 29 days that she told me but I though it would sound better to round it off....

So this past week we had zone conference. It was good to go to and talk with the other missionaries. Our president taught us some good things. One of which is Faith is taking one more step. So I am continually telling myself that Faith is taking one more step. It is great. It helps me keep going no matter. what.

No huge stories this past week. Small daily miracles get us through the day. We met these two teenagers who I wasn't too keen on talking with but then something in my mind said, if this was your younger brothers would you want the missionaries to walk away. Well, that got my attention real quick. I began to dig deeper and get them thinking about life. So many teens have such a bleak outlook on life. So we taught them about repentance and what it is. They were really receptive to it and wanted to meet with us again. Glad I didn't give up on them!

Well, love you all!

Sister Pendleton

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