Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Email 2/4


So story of the week!
We were out trying to find people because believe it or not the last month has been the hardest months to find! It is crazy to me! Seriously, I think that after finding for basically 17 months that at the end of a mission it wouldn't be so hard to find new people to teach, but that is okay. God is just teaching me about faith and how it is ever growing. So, we had decided on this street and we get out of the car and without thinking we walk past this house that we parked infront of and go up to this door, and well knocked and we started talking to these people who were soooo nice and friendly. They asked us how we chose this house and we didn't know what to say. they said, out of all the houses on this street you chose the one out of 2 jewish families on the block. Well, needless to say we chatted for a bit, they just kept asking us questions about our religion and then we offered service and they decided to let us come and help them. It was awesome. They are now some of my favorite people to do service for. I realized yesterday that I will not be able to have another chance to serve at the local library where we do service each week. That was an interesting realization. I may add that I don't feel too bad about that. I am the worst book finder ever. My comp loves doing the service but I prefer the dirty type of work. The work that you can visually see and physically feel the difference in. That is me!
We went to the temple today and I was so appreciative of it! I love the temple. I get to go next week as well for the departing missionaries. So crazy. Still trying to race to the end. I will say I feel like my body is giving out. Haha.

Last night we were out knocking. We typically don't knock past 8 pm...people around here don't really appreciate it. But it was 735pm and we knocked this house, and well this man came up and yelled at us. Swearing at us and telling us that didn't we know that they were sleeping! Hahah...nope we didn't. I laughed. It was super funny. But I do know a lot of people who leave for work at 4 in the morning and I would have been super unhappy as well if I were him.
Then we were out talking to some people on Sunday, and we met this man and he called us religious freaks...I was like okay whatev's people can think what they want. I am happier this way anyways. Then I find out he is a member. A member who doesn't want to be a member and doesn't want to remove his records either. I just felt a little less okay with the fact that he called me a religious freak. But I did feel a little like paul which made it all okay. Because if the great apostles have that same thing happen then I guess I should too...I just hope I can make it through.

Well this was my adventures of my week! Love you all!

Sister Pendleton

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