Monday, March 30, 2015

Email 3/4

Hello Family and Friends!

So this is my 3rd out of 4 last emails! Can you believe it???? I sure can't. Only the last two or three days has it really hit me that I will be home next week! I just keep thinking that it isn't really going to happen. It really started hitting when we were at conference Saturday night watching the women's session. I got home sick. I always do. Seeing the conference center it just reminds me way too much of home. So then I realized that family is so close! I was like my plan is to hang onto as much of being a missionary I can be. This is something that I am going to miss. Really, you might as well because I won't have those great stories any more ;) Then I will just be boring....

SO this past week we started the Because He Lives Initiative. You should look at it and share it with everyone! It is amazing! I love the website on you can learn a lot about Christ's life from it all.

It is always kinda a funny moment when you have been teaching someone, and you don't really know if they like you or not, then one day you see them outside of teaching appts and they come up to you and are excited to actually see you. That is such a great moment. That happened this week. We teach this family, they are so rowdy and half the time I think this might not be helping, and don't know if they really like us or not. But then that moment happened and it just makes you feel so good!

We have been teaching a man who is from Vietnam. We turned him over to the Vietnamese elders when we realized that his English wasn't as good as we thought. It was so cool to watch as they walked in to teach him and they spoke in his language that his eyes lite up. It looked like he went home! It was so cute!

Well here comes the last stretch of my mission...I will race to the finish...if my legs will hold me up...haha...jk....maybe a little serious though...

Love you all!

Sister Pendleton

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