Monday, March 31, 2014

Transfers are here once again...


So transfers have come up once again and I am staying in Cerritos 1st ward and Sister Tumurbaatar is staying my companion...which isn't a big surprise we expected that. The Elders area is getting white washed though...weird. The one elder is leaving and the other one is getting transferred. Let me just say saying goodbye to elders that are leaving is so weird. I don't know what to say or do. Yes I know I am getting awkward because that was weird...oh well. He is from Chile. Things are changing. 

Next form of business... So we had an earthquake down here...did you hear about it!!!! It was interesting. We had just gotten home and closed our door. We are on the bottom floor and the people above us are really loud sometimes and we can hear every time they move and we just ignore it most of the time. And occasionally the apt manager who has something against us even though we don't do anything tells us not to slam the door every time we close the door. Trust me we don't. So we had just closed the door and were getting ready to plan when the people upstairs just start going busurk! and stomping everywhere and I am looking at the ceiling just thinking really? really? you snore at night and keep us up we barely shut the door it isn't that loud what is your deal??? then I started feeling the ground under me move and I realized that this was an earthquake...Sister T grabbed my arm and she was pretty scared. So what did we do? We go outside...yep that is what we did. Thankfully the earthquake ended then and didn't continue because basically had it escalated and continued we would have been killed by all the things that would have fallen on our heads. That is what was going through my head as it stopped. I was like wow, you know I am not from around here. Plus when I first realized what it was it is the what do you do? Elementary school came to my mind and we have a table that we could go under but I wouldn't do that because it is not so stable. like really if anything fell on it we would just get crushed. So hopefully you can make sense of my run-on sentences and what not because I don't know how to properly punctuate my thoughts. 

Well we found an el salvado family this past week. Our less active that we  have been working with since I got here has started coming to church and is just blossoming!!! We love it! Life is good, the gospel is true!!!

Love Sister Pendleto

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