Monday, March 10, 2014

Life as I know it....

Well, yesterday our ward had two farewells for brothers to go on their missions. There were so many people there it was awesome. Except that I have a suspicion that our investigator came to church and left because it was the middle of sacrament and they hadn't opened up the overflow and wouldn't let anyone in the chapel. So we may have to do some mending as well as with  a less active who was afraid that we wouldn't want him back there anyways so with him possibly not being allowed in the chapel he might have left. So there may be some repercussions...but the speakers were hilarious. They were Tongan and the one boy talked about being in shape spiritually and how he needed to be in shape physically for basketball. He was the 4th to last to finish the mile and his coach told him he needed to be faster. He told his coach he was Tongan and that although he was skinny on the outside he was fat on the inside. It was clever I thought. But the funniest part about it was that we started with Called to serve and ended with God Be with you Till we Meet Again. It was HILARIOUS!
SO we met a lady from India who is Hindu and is interested in learning more about the gospel. I am pretty excited about it. We are meeting with her tomorrow. 
So this past week we set up a return apt with a lady who we met at night and she told us to come back in the day and she thought that the people who she worked for would be interested in what we had to share. So we were excited and came back and come to find out that it was a rest home with people who had dementia and Alzheimer's. The lesson didn't really go like we planned but with some adjusting we taught them about God's love and sang songs with them. That was interesting. we want to do service for them now. Hopefully we can work that out. Love you all!
Sister Pendleton  

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