Monday, March 17, 2014


So exciting news for this past week was that we found two new investigators yesterday! And seriously it was amazing. Let me just tell you! So first off we decided that we needed to walk to an investigators house to see if they were home and if we could set up a return apt. Well, we walked for 4 hours straight talking to everyone we saw. I mean literally everyone who we saw. We were able to set up a return apt with four of the people we met, but overall we just got a lot of sun. First sunburn from California. Like my feet now have an official tan. Which, ps so my watch I would wear at home all the time has now finally given me a tan line. Unfortunate. Worldly I know moving on. So we went back to two peoples houses who set up apts with us and low an behold they weren't there. Not real surprising but we talked with a girl at the first house and it was through a window I might add, and we shared the first vision. Her response was beyond believable! Like she was like "wow, I have asked myself that so many times" and then she told us how she just lost one of her friends and it was just so funny that we came that day. Yep, God works miracles. Then we went and taught a little girl who's brother told us that she hadn't been saved yet so we should talk to her. So we did. She told us at the end that she felt really warm inside. Basically it was amazing. We have return apts with both of them. We weren't able to meet with the Indian lady again this past week but next week we have another return apt. we shall see. I am learning Army of Helaman in Mongolian. Yep Sister T is video taping me singing it. I am struggling with that language still. Not surprising though. I taught Sister T how to ride a bike as well this past week. She is catching on. She hasn't wrecked yet. Although she still doesn't have the instinct to brake when she is scared so she just almost jumps off the bike instead which can be frightening for me cause I don't want her to get hurt cause that would retrogress the process. So yeah. I get to run next to her as she bikes and for this upcoming week it will be that way as well. which means I get to run more than normal. I am so okay with that!!! This is my life what about yours?
Happy Birthday to Sam! So excited for your birthday and I am even wearing green in your honor ;)
Sister Pendleton

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