Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd

Hey everyone!
Happy Birthday to Ben!!! I hope that the arthritis in your joints and memory loss will be slowed for your mission's sake. And I bet there is some remedy that you could find for that in Mexico, although make sure it isn't against the Word of Wisdom first cause that could be problematic!
This past week we have visited a lot of less active members. They seem to be progressing! We are hoping to organize a culture activity that will bring the ward members closer together!
Sister Tumurbaatar is teaching me Mongolian. I can now say wash your hands and my name is and ask what your name is. Lets just say that there is a reason why she is capable of learning English and why I stayed English speaking. I don't have the gift of tongues. But I still try...It may take years but I will learn a language!
Sister Tumurbaatar and I are getting so much better teaching the Restoration together! It is amazing! I love it! I am still getting lost almost everywhere I go, but the Lord is providing people to be placed in our path even when we get lost! We have been working really hard to get 10 street contacts a day and several times that we have gotten lost and have just gotten out of the car all of these people come out of their houses to do random things in their yard and we have been able to contact them! I like that much more than knocking on the door. 
We have come across a girl whose brother is in the "Book of Mormon" play and it was so funny because she seemed to really enjoy the experiance of us talking with her. It was funny. I could just imagine her talking to her brother about how she actually met LDS missionaries within a few days of seeing the play. She invited us back to talk with her though and even referred us to her dad. It was awesome! Saten can use things for evil but sometimes it opens doors for us! I will let you know how the lesson goes next week!
That's it for my adventures!
Sister Pendleton

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