Monday, February 24, 2014

Training Sister Tumurbaatar

So this week was the first week of training and I don't really have to train at all. She already knows so much more than I did when I came out and she knows all the lessons and she knows how to be a missionary. Before she came on a mission she did a 3 month trial mission. Yeah no training needed. And she is so awesome! She is teaching me to read the Russian/Mongolian alphabet. Lets just say it is going to take me a while to learn it but I will! We have at least 5 more weeks together! There are some pictures of us together! She is hilarious!  This week has been awesome! We had two investigators at church as well as 2 less active members!!!! WE are really excited about the two less active members being at church because basically we have been trying to get them to come for ages. I know one is coming back next week the other one...well I really hope he comes next week as well!  The ward members are getting to know them and that is awesome!
Sister T (her name is really long so for time sake I will always refer to her as this!) is completely afraid of dogs! She hides behind me every time we knock doors and dogs bark! It is kinda funny I am always trying not to laugh as they open the door...turns out people like smiling people friendly but don't appreciate laughing people. Yeah...come to find out...
Yesterday we knocked a door and were able to teach the Plan of Salvation! Best thing in the world! I love having the spirit testify to others that what we say is true! We then talked with a guy who told us that he was beyond saving and his Mormon friends have been trying to convert him for years! I asked him why he hadn't and he just told me that he was beyond saving...I told him that was a lie, but we didn't get very far on him. But It always makes me so happy when we talk with people and they tell us about their Mormon friends who have opened the doors for us! Love it!
I ate grits this morning and a muffin. Not the California culture I think.
Any fun stories?
Love ya!
Sister Pendleton

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