Monday, February 17, 2014

Not Transferred

So this week is transfers and come to find out I am not getting transferred which isn't surprising but what is surprising is that I am training...lets just say slightly nervous. Maybe more...I don't know really how I feel at this moment I just try to not think about it. She is from Mongolia apparently and I will meet her tomorrow. So this past week Me and Sister Reinsch sang at the departure fireside. So story...we sang the week before in Sacrament Meeting...(did I tell you already?) I get up and I haven't felt nervous at all which was awesome because when I play the cello I am always super nervous before and just trying not to shake so I get up and I literally start shaking in my shoes!!! The whole time I am singing I couldn't even really sing loud because my mouth went super dry and it was just not so impressive after all. So I guess it wasn't awful but it wasn't so great either. In my head I am just talking to myself a little amazed at the fact that I am shaking in my shoes and never thought it was actually literally possible to shake in your shoes but yes it was in fact a possibility. So then we are suppose to sing that night at a singles activity which was I nervous before hand??? Yes because I didn't want to be shaking in my shoes again because that was ridiculous! When I get up to sing was I nervous? Did I start Shaking? nope not at all I was able to sing just fine. So Sister Reinsch wanted to try out for the fireside last night and I was like sure I mean really I can't promise I will be able to sing because apparently I can't decide if I am nervous or not. So we made it and sang in front of about 300+ people and was I nervous??? Yes...did I shake in my shoes...haha nope...was I able to sing...I think so. was it on tune? No one had the guts to tell me I was tone I guess it was alright. I will find out for sure if I try out and am just completely rejected at that time. 

So our investigator has come to church 2 weeks in a row! He is awesome! He is progressing and is trying to give up smoking. Struggling but he slowly is giving it up. He has gone from 10 cigarettes to 4 a day  which is impressive. So we will see what happens this week. 

Have a great week! Love you all!

Sister Pendleton

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