Monday, February 10, 2014


Hey Everyone!

So yesterday church got cancelled half way through because of plumbing issues again. We made it two hours so next week we should be able to make it through all three hours right??? We are starting to wonder if someone is purposely doing something to the toilets each week cause they worked fine during the week. Anyways we found a new investigator this past week and it was so cool! We taught him the restoration and never have I had such a powerful experience with someone when we taught that God is our loving Heavenly Father. Generally they are just like yeah yeah we know that. It was amazing!!!! We also had an investigator at church!!!! That was really cool. And we were able to have members come to a lesson and share their experiences with our investigators and relate to him more than we even thought was possible!!!! It was so cool!!!!! Seriously and one of our members talked about how powerful the Book of Mormon is how when the challenge came out to read it all the way through with the promise of blessings she did 3 times and she didn't get the blessings of a house like she wanted but she had a member of her family join the church each time she read the book. IT WAS LEGIT! I totally love this member and she has a daughter who is coming to church again and oh it is just so cool to see all the blessings and miracles happening in different peoples lives!!! We are seeing miracles all the time but I will say that we don't recognize a lot of them until a lot later. Which is too bad cause then missionary work would probably go a lot smoother all the time.

answer to the question

Because he was in a stable environment....

Well love you all!!!

Sister Pendleton

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