Monday, February 3, 2014

Interesting Happenings Superbowl Week

yesterday was the Superbowl which had the lowest church attendance of the year so far...and I will tell you why...because the church's bathrooms were all out of order. The main pipe lines were all backed up so no restroom was available and so we had to cancel church but we did hold sacrament meeting but those who had to go and use the bathroom would have to go home or somewhere else so basically most people left and it was a sad turnout but on the up side two non-members walked in to come to church. They were both from China it was a mom and her daughter and it was awesome because the mom had lived in New Zealand and she had attended the church there and had felt very peaceful so she decided to come to church and bring her daughter. It was really cool. Her daughter is also trying to learn English so that was really a neat experience. Her mom attended years ago too...they don't live in our area though so I may never know the end of that story...which is the saddest part about someone who doesn't live in your area. we are teaching someone who isn't in our area because he wants to learn more but won't give us his address which I don't really blame him so at some point if he progresses we will have to direct him else where. 

So this past week there was a zone conference and we invited all the ward members to come to it. In the Zone Conference we taught an investigator live. And when I say we, I mean Sister Folsom and I were asked to teach an investigator live in front of 100 missionaries and ward members...good thing God is in charge and not I because basically the thought of doing that is nerve wracking and for some reason I wasn't that nervous. It was amazing the spirit was super strong and everyone learned something (not from our teaching skills though cause they aren't that great let me tell you and don't kid yourself I am not being modest either and I mean really  they are lacking) but nevertheless God made up for it and the investigator she has been meeting with missionaries for 6 years she comes to church each week and she believes it is true. and that is what came out while we were teaching. It was cool. It was fun to get to teach with Sister Folsom again.
I hope you all are doing well. Following up with y'all Missionary plan??? Any good stories for me?
I love you all
Sister Pendleton

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