Monday, January 27, 2014

Super Week

Twinkies, Happy Birthday! 
Dianna, Tom, Happy Anniversary! (you might be getting old....)
So last week was good! We found a lot of people to teach and boy oh boy we are learning to be very prompt and aware of time...more so than usual at least. This week has been kind of rough spiritually though. I have really come to love the ward members the less active ones as well as the active ones and they talk to us about how hard their lives are and I just feel so sad for them (I almost put that I feel their pain but then I could only think about dad reciting Muppet's from Space with gonzo and rizzo saying I have a paper cut that's a doozy do you feel my pain too? haha) but seriously I see their struggles and I don't even know how to respond, and since we as missionaries don't council people or shouldn't we then teach them the gospel over and encourage them to read their scriptures and go to church and pray. They then kinda look puzzling at us. But it weighs on my spirit sometimes and then I remember Alma and Ammon and how great their sorrows were and yet how great the joy was to see people accept the gospel. So life really isn't that bad and I really love teaching people and I really do get joy when people are progressing towards God and eternal salvation. It is worth the difficult times all the more! And besides the gospel really is a happy thing because it is the only thing that people can find peace in when they have difficult times. If they turn away from it, usually their quality of life has not increased...and they feel empty. Speaking of which we met these guys whose veins were shattered!!! Yes only I noticed their veins because my comp doesn't understand the beauty of veins seeing as she is a music major vs a nurse. It was super sad though! Beautiful bulging veins that were so scarred that I just wanted to ask him where he currently shoots up at, but thought better of that question seeing as it wouldn't fulfill anything and I know that curiosity kills the cat and more than once. So happy thing! Our investigator is giving up all her addictions!!! She is doing great too! She went a whole day without smoking and drinking coffee! And yes we celebrate each new improvement!
This week has been a miraculous week and we are well on our way to another wonderful week! I hope everyone else is as well!
Love Sister Pendleton 

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