Monday, March 24, 2014

Cami's Birthday

Well Shout out to Cami for her Birthday!!! and Jaryd on the 29th! Love you Both! So yesterday we ate dinner at a members house who had their grandchildren there and one of them was 6 months old and a little boy. Can't even tell you how much I wish I could see all my nephews! He was so adorable smiling and playing with us (don't worry we didn't hold him, we were good missionaries). But oh man it was such a reminder of all the little boys at home! Aunt Josee take good care of Conner, I know Alexa and Cierra will, you...well you might need help in your old age...just kidding. I am just really jealous :)
Yesterday we had another miracle find! A lady walked into the church trying to find out more about it. We were just on our way out and her daughters were like mom no ones here, church is over. Well we said no, come on in. We will show you around. It was amazing! Can't even tell you how blessed we are having the gospel in our lives. If everyone just new what they are missing out on and what they would gain from the gospel we would just be overwhelmed with people to teach. Sounds like everyone is pretty busy now. Uncle Mike, good luck! I would vote for you if I could! you will do awesome!
Mom, Time out for women is amazing! Are you excited for basically another one this coming weekend???
Will. I can imagine the whole thing. When I say that when people told me about what the elders did and how they acted prior to my mission it was easy to imagine but unreal at the same time. Now that I interact with missionaries that do crazy things I am just like wow. All the stories I heard prior to my mission are so true and now I can actually see it happening. Just crazy!
Well thats my life to this point.
Have a great week!
Sister Pendleton

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