Monday, December 1, 2014


So the long awaited day to find out if I stay a whole year in pickering comes to an end. I leave tomorrow and go to the Huntington Beach area in the Beach ward. It works out really well! I am excited. Although I am so sad to leave all these people! I was looking around at the ward and there were so many people who weren't there that I wanted to say goodbye too but it has been the best time of my life really! Here there have been so many different things that have been so inspired. Just on Saturday there was a situation that I was able to share with someone and just feel the Love that God had for her and the spirit was so strong and she was able to change. She was able to come closer to God and it was just amazing! I was so grateful for that experience. I can't even tell you how many times I have wondered if I was doing what God wanted me to do or if I was just doing what I wanted to do. But This past week God has really helped me to see things through His eyes and helped me to recognize His had so much more than I have realized. I am going to miss so many of the people here. They are my family! Good thing this isn't the end because that would be tragic@
So Thanksgiving was so good. We spent it with people we loved and they loved us and we didn't have to eat everywhere we went so we didn't have to be so stuffed which is so great. It made the day so much better. Sister Anderson is really struggling right now with her knee. We ran up a mountain at the beginning of the transfer (yes it was my idea, but not the best I have ever had) and it has hurt ever since. It has been so crazy! Anyways...have some pictures of some people I love! Hope you are seeing just as many miracles as I am!
Love Sister Pendleton
ME and The Schachers and then with the silly faces of arciniegas and Sister Balke is a replica of Mom! not in looks but in who she is!

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