Monday, December 29, 2014


Hello Everyone! 

Well family, that was the best skype that has happened! I was so impressed that we had so much to talk about and well I just loved talking to y'all :) It was needed. 

We had a great Christmas! We woke up and made french toast and ate it! then studied all about how the Savior came into the world and sang Christmas songs. Then we went and skyped and enjoyed the presence of family for a time. Then we went and partied with our zone! I didn't get pictures I don't know why, well actually what we did was watch Work and The Glory 2, and 17 Miracles. We all of a sudden didn't feel so bad being away from our families when people who crossed the planes had frozen feet and were starving to death. After watching those movies we went and ate dinner with a Polynesian family and it was great! Then we went caroling! That was so much fun. We drove around and sang everywhere listening to Handles Messiah music learning how to direct with Two hands/one hand for the driver. And we saw Christmas lights and it really was a great day of my life! I opened Christmas presents and well I didn't actually take many pictures that day which now that I think about it is so unfortunate but know it was a great day! 

So next miracle story! We have been meeting with a guy who said that he didn't believe in God and didn't want to talk with us (but he did and he let us come back) now he is at the point where he is bowing his head for the prayer and stopping himself from swearing in our presence and he came to the church bldg not the services but he is reading the Book of Mormon and really it is the coolest thing of my life! I am so excited! He may or may not be quitting drinking and experiancing flu like withdrawl symptoms. We keep praying for him and I just know that he will come to know this is true. The small simple things in life is what makes the biggest difference!

Love you all!

Happy New Year!

Sister Pendleton

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