Monday, November 24, 2014

Great Week of Thanksgiving!

So I have come to realize that I think I write you so much each week but in all reality I don't do I??? Someone needs to respond back so that way I know if I need to extend my emails at all or not. I haven't heard any complaints so I guess I will continue to write as I usually do.
So my life is very interesting. We have found a man that believes that he is a son fo perdition. That was so unexpected when he said that. Really our member was trying not to laugh out right when he told us this. It was so sad. I can't even believ that he thinks he is such a bad person. well we know he isn't because he has come closer to God throughout his life time and really becoming a son of perdition is quite hard from our understanding. Even Lamen and Lemuel aren't sons of Perdition are they? I just read in Jacob about a man who might have been. But I really don't know. He won't believe us but He knows that the Book of Mormon is True and that Joseph Smith Saw what He saw and has known for most of his life but won't commit to anything because he doesn't feel worthy and truely believs that he committed this sin. I can't even believe that saten has such grasp of his heart to believe that he isn't worthy of forgiveness. He came to church and is such a nice guy. He knows a lot. He quotes scriptures to us all the time. I am so impressed with his knowledge. He tithes and talks about the blessings that comes from it. I think that if we can help him see that if the restored gospel is here on the earth then he couldn't be a son of perdition because He hasn't experianced the Gift of the Holy Ghost and he doesn't have the Priesthood and all these other things. Also that God won't reveal any further truth to those who are sons of perdition because they already knew it all. Very interesting. Just another way that saten works.
Yesterday we went on splits and We met with Lori and went over the baptismal questions. She is so solid. She believes the things that wehave taught her and she loves church and she totally is dedicated. She is working on quitting smoking and once she has that down she will be baptized. Kathryn is so dedicated. Her sister is trying to dissuade her belief in the Book of Mormon but she holds true and she won't let her son go to a different church because she knows ours is true. She has come such a long way. It is so cool to see how the gospel changes our lives. This upcoming week we are going to tryout to sing at the departure fireside "O Holy Night". I am so nervous and excited. If we get to play then it will be infront of 200+ people and it will be amazing but I shake and I am playing the guitar as well. I need prayers for that if you would like to pray for me :) We have gone around the ward and took a lot of pictures. I love this place with all my heart. This upcoming week is transfers and we will find out if I am staying. If so it will be a whole year in one area. The ward might be sick of me....It is actually funny because with the way that the next transfer is falling I might stay. It is a 50-50 thing. It is really funny. There are 11 new sisters coming and like 7 or more sisters leaving. So it will double the amout of sisters coming in and they need trainers and yeah, it is so interesting! Anyways. Hope all of you enjoy Thanksgiving! I love you all :)
Sister Pendleton

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