Monday, November 10, 2014

All in God's hand

Okay so this week has been a great week of miracles that I can't even think of how to express. First off we had 6 investigators at church which increased our congregation by about 15% which is crazy but so exciting. They all have baptismal dates and are reading the Book of Mormon and are just excited to be at church. They are seeing a difference and it is intense. Last week with one of the investigators we fasted for work and this week she has gotten called in for work more. She is getting more work and we are seeing her prayers answer. She is reading and feeling the spirit. Our other investigator Kathryn finished the Book of Mormon and she is teaching her son Calvin who is 11 all about how the Book of Mormon has great strength to help them through anything and can get rid of demons from you. Her desires to smoke has pretty much gone away. She is developing talents and it is so great! Her sister Liza is now taking lessons and she came to church. She loved it but it was long is what she said. Her sister is encouraging though and wants her to love it just as much as she does. Rose is Liza's daughter and she is queitly sitting back and loving it all but doesn't want to admit that she loves it either. Then we had Gloria who we are meeting with and now she wants to be baptized and wants to see her prayers more answered but she is seeing the blessings of God. She want's the spirit with her so much more. Then we have been taking people out with us all hours of the day and God is just placing people all around us helping us and guiding us. He is even prompting members to come out with us! It is so great. I love the Lord. Our mission has changed its focus and we all pray at 630am and at 10 at night for miracles and we are just seeing them left and right. It is so wonderful! I love Him so much. I don't think that I have seen so much progression ever. 
I don't even know what miracle was the greatest this week but there were so many and I always feel a greater increase of Faith when I look back and see God's hand throughout the day. He loves us and keeps us safe and I love the prayers that you say for us. That is what keeps me going I know. 
Sister Anderson has had a rough week because she injured her knee all because I wanted to run up a mountain and well yeah. It was a little too much for her I guess. But it was fun to run up the mountain and I am so excited when I can do that again!!! 
Well here are some pictures I hope you enjoy them!
What miracles did you see in your life this week???
Sister Pendleton
Last picture was when it rained!!!!!!!!!!! We loved it! Our member actually caught us dancing and playing in it :) She thought it was funny.

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