Monday, August 18, 2014

And Life goes on.....

Hello everyone!
Well let's see...the greatest miracle this week was that we lived and no one injured us! Trust me with this last week it was a miracle.
This past week I have learned more about being in a Leadership position than any other time. I have discovered that sometimes people have to be addressed lovingly but very frankly and that they ask for help they tell you things so that you can help them be better and if you don't address it frankly they don't stop,...I learned that as a leader you have to go above and beyond expectations so that the people who are struggling the most will gain some desire and some inspiration to accomplish correct gospel principles. It can be overwhelming but God is there beside you and it isn't even you really it is Him doing everything. I have discovered that as we follow the Spirit you are placed in exactly the right time! For example this lady who me and Sister Folsom found in the park a few months back has been super busy but we are getting into contact with her again. Saturday we wanted to see her but I hate knocking on her door because her mom is so against us...well we went and were directed VIA Spirit to try her first well we contacted this family who was doing a yard sale and what were the selling??? A violin....for a very reasonable price....Remember how I love to collect instruments???? Yep so I will admit that I got slightly distracted by the violin...God knows my weaknesses though...remember that he said he would make them strengths? well as I took the instrument out of the case played around with it trying to tune it and what not we talked about religion and then I handed it to Sister Henderson who played at one point in her life and who walks by???? this lady does!!! So  I was able to talk with her and make an appt with her and that has happened two different times! I love it! She needs the gospel thats for sure!
Well Just so you know I may be sending a violin home in the near future as well...hahaha
I love you all What miracles have you seen lately?
Sister Pendleton

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