Monday, October 13, 2014

Transfers once again!

So question for all of you....why do we support halloween??? Why do we put up scary decorations supporting it when we clearly want to stay away from the devil! I was talking with a members neighbor who will become mormon when our member decides to do more missionary work because well I just feel that in my heart and it is a great opportunity for the member :) but he is a devout christian from Russia and he was talking with us the other day and he asked us why his neighbor was in support of something so demonic...well I couldn't answer him because I actually felt that he was right. But I just don'g know why. I wouldn't want God to come visit me on halloween because that wouldn't be the most spiritual time I would ever be. anyways food for thought!
So Mark was confirmed and well he came in all white which was awesome! It was cool.
Oh are you all wondering where I am going for the next 7 weeks (this transfer will be for 7 weeks then we will go back to 6 weeks again) Well this transfer I will once again stay in the Pickering ward! Hahaha it is so exciting! Although so many of the ward members came up to me and were like are you okay staying for another transfer....well just to let you all know I love this ward and at times I feel like I am just ready to find something else...but then I think of the family that I just adopted and the investigators that we are teaching and all the people that I would have to say goodbye to and it is just sad! So really the benefits of staying clearly outweigh leaving. AND I am getting an amazing companion named Sister Anderson. I cant even tell you how excited I am about it!!!! She is such a sweet girl!
Okay also mom your email was so criptic....just so you know...
Well this investigator that we are teaching came to church with her children this week and she was glowing as she walked out it was so great!!!! She loves the gospel and she is overcoming all her barrirors and every time she has questions or gets antied she just asks us and researches and pays attention to the spirit and she over comes it! I love the gospel and GOd a lot!
No super funny stories this week but we have laughed a lot though. We stopped playing the game but not because of the flirty contacts that I was getting I haven't had one of those for the past week! I am super excited, restoring my faith in contacting.
Well I have been learning a lot...tender mercy of the Lord this past week was the opportunity to meet with the family that I just adopted...don't worry not a replacement family it is just a more the marriere type of family!!! Yep so great!!!
Love you all! SOrry about the spelling errors I just don't have the time!
SIster Pendleton

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