Monday, October 20, 2014


SO this past week has been soooooo good! We had som great lessons with our investigators and they are progressing so well! Lori and Kathryn came to church iwth their children. We walked with Lori to church and her son is just so adorable! I can't even tell you how great God has been to us this week...the sad thing is  is that I can't even begin to think of how to tell you everything in just a short time. I have done a lot of personal responses so sorry this might be short.
SO we taught the word of wisdom and it turns out that one of our investigators have a major issue with it but it was so cool becuase as we talked with them about it they told us that they knew that this would be brought up and that they felt prepared. It was SOOOO cool! God is really ready for them to come to his flock and they are so receptive to the spirit! I couldn't even believe it! I was so impressed! I love Heavenly Father so much! Then we had another lesson with new investigators that have just been going so well. The spirit has been so strong lately!
Today we went on a hike and that is why I am emailing so late it was the best thing of my life lately!
Sister Anderson is o cute! Here is a picture of us at the water tower we hiked to.
SO something that I am learning is just how involved God is in all of our lives. I thought that I would be leaveing Whittier this transfer but because I haven't I am seeing so many miracles come about meeting just the right people at just the right time and it all feels so great! Not that that wouldn't happen other wise but I know that God has me here still for a greater reason and I feel Him remind me of that constantly. I know that where everyone is right now is where God wants us to be and if you don't feel that way then you should probably figure out where you should be at instead...He wants to let you know!
I love you all so much. Thank you for all the support that you give me. For the emails and letters as well! Love you
Sister Pendleton

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